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Greenville Area School District Reviews

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Greenville is one of the better schools in the area, in my opinion. The teachers are all very kind, and most are very willing to help students one-on-one if they need it. Most of the students are very nice as well.
The teachers and staff are great. The facilities and neighboring building are always kept in great shape.
I love my teachers. They give me a lot of support. The administration does not stand by the students.
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There really isn't anything that I feel needs to change. the academics are "spot on", the teachers are great! I feel very safe at Greenville. I always felt like I could to a teacher or the guidance counselor if I ever had an issue.
The Greenville Area School Districts has its positives and negatives. The main positive information that definitely sticks out is that we have many great teachers who are very involved with the school and classroom. They engage with the students, helping them out before, during, and after school. One negative point about our district (mainly the high school) is that they focus more on sports than on academics. In my viewpoint, we already have enough supplies for all sports, but we could add more supplies and opportunities in clubs and academics.
Since I have moved here the students and staff have made my experience great. I am very thankful for being able to have such caring teachers, who take their time out of their day to give us an education.
Attending Greenville High school was a great experience. The best thing was definitely the teachers and faculty. They provided additional help and support in the subjects I found challenging. And everyone, from the principle to the lunch ladies and the custodians, were very friendly and positive.

In terms of suggestions for change, my first one would be to offer additional extracurricular activities. For example, most of the other schools in our county have swimming teams. Greenville does not have a pool or any options for swimming. Also, many parts of the school have poor or no air conditioning, which makes it difficult to concentrate on hot days.

In conclusion, I feel that the teachers and faculty are definitely the ones that made my time at Greenville High School a very positive experience.
There are great teachers at Greenville High School and they spend a ton of time with you if you ever need help on anything. The environment is great not a lot of bullying happens and for most of it ever one gets along.
Greenville Area School District promotes hard work and kindness. Math and science electives are readily available. Hopefully they start offering more college level options in the liberal arts for students who are pursuing degrees or enjoy learning in those areas. Overall the school district has done well in teaching their students.
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