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Greensville County Public Schools Reviews

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A very bitter sweet experience. I had my share of teachers that made school fine for me, but overall I think it is ok it could use some big improvements but nithing is perfect.
I like Greensville County High School because i have lived in Emporia my whole life and nothing would change that. I would like to see more vocational activities like auto mechanic or masonry.
Greensville County Public Schools are in a very small town, where everyone knows everyone. Since Kindergarten, I have seen positive and negative changes. I have seen graduations where there are double valedictorians. I have seen graduations where there were only 100 people or less walking across the stage. Greensville County Public Schools’ motto is ‘Striving for Excellence’, but that doesn’t mean we don’t make mistakes. Mistakes are made, acknowledged, and learned from. We talk like, walk like, act like, and work hard like champs. C.H.A.M.P.S. stand for compliant, honest, always respectful, make responsible choices, prompt, and strive for excellence.
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I like that the school offer a lot of different opportunities, such as Dual Enrollment course, club activities, and sports.
Greensville County is a school that teaches to the test. No fault of the teacher but to keep their jobs the students must past SOLs. I would like to see real world subjects taught. Students are not prepared for life after graduation.
I am a Senior at Greensville County High School. What I like about the school is that it has a great band program and the teachers are caring in this program. I also like how they give students the opportunity for dual enrollment, meaning, you can receive an Associate's Degree from the nearby community college in addition to your high school diploma. What I find challenging about the school is the teachers, at times. There are some who I feel really want to help you learn, while others seem as if they could care less. This makes learning hard when you have teachers with an "I do not care" attitude. Overall, I have had a great four years at Greensville County High School and I look forward to the next chapter in my life.
From the years I have attended Greensville County High School, it has been a great experience for me. Just being able to complete the four years and to walk across that stage, there's no better feeling. But GCHS has prepared me for the real world and I believe everybody that went to GCHS would agree.
I moved back to my hometown, Emporia VA, second semester of my junior year and I'm currently attending Greensville County High school. There are a few intriguing technical classes, I took a drafting class and it was superb. Clubs and activities would appeal more to those who are interested in sports and band, however lacking in the art department in my opinion. Low on staff; I was without an English teacher for the first half of first semester of my senior year. Some teachers are very creative and make learning enjoyable through various activities, while others teaching style's are lackluster. Diverse, students get along well with each other regardless of race/ethnicity. School enforces safety policy very well, although conflict between students occur at times, almost rarely lately. Staff assist seniors by walking them through the process of applying for financial aid, colleges, and scholarships. I find encouraging their students to strive for more is admirable and respectable.
Graduating from Greeneville County High School, I had two semesters of college completed and earned an EAGLES scholarship for two additional semesters at Southside Virginia Community College.
I like how the teachers cared about you furthering your education and were willing to go out of their way to make sure you were going to be successful. Teachers stayed after school to insure you if we missed something or didn't quite understand something in class they'll go over with you so that you understand.
it was a wonderful experience. it really gets you ready for college . the teachers & administration are wonderful . the only bad thing about this school is the food
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