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Greensburg Salem School District Reviews

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Greensburg is a decent school. I do wish they offered more classes and allowed more opportunities for learning. However the majority of the teachers there are amazing and have a very strong relationship with their students.
I loved most of the teachers, I had a few favorites who truly cared about the education quality and safety of their students. I didn't have a terrible 4 years at Greensburg Salem, I always had cool friends and completely understood what I was being taught. The art program is amazing based upon the teachers solely. I wish I had learned more about real life and things beyond high school and such, but I think that every student in America has that complaint.
The teachers are GREAT! The technology is old and out dated, Most school computers are so exhausted on battery, you spend class searching for an operating one. Books are limited or not available. I bought my own computer to do my work and have most of what I needed. It is a nice school, but there is really no safety in place that I know of. Anyone can walk in. There is no A/C in most of the building. This made for a very hot year with school going into June. I graduate tomorrow and I don't even know how to write a check. I wish there was a class they offered on basic life skills before we go off to college. Overall, they meet my immediate needs.
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I like the attention that all the teachers are able to give to each student to make sure that everyone is able to understand. The teachers are all understanding to every students different learning styles. Everyone is friendly and people always say hi to each other in the hall way. Also everyone is encouraged to be a part of the schools and the school events. The school has lots of events that differ a lot so every student can find something they would like. All in all Greensburg Salem has a fantastic environment for kids of all ages.
Greensburg Salem School has a diverse group of students and provides them with exposure to many relationships and situations the students will encounter throughout life. They encourage student involvement, leadership and autonomy in their education experience. The main aspect of improvement I would recommend is communication with parents and feel this can be achieved with updates to the school website and making it more user friendly.
Very good school! The teachers are extremely involved with the school. The teachers really do make sure you understand the content and they build close friendships with the students. However, the school is very small if you don’t like smaller schools. It’s hard to find new friends because the school is so small
I like all the classes that are available at my school but the cafeteria food isn't too good. The teachers are very nice and are willing to help you when you are struggling.
I think the strongest part of GSHS were the teachers. People like Mr. Toret and Mrs. Harper, as well as many others, nurtured an exciting and informative feeling that influenced how I felt about certain subjects, and I know that many other students feel the same. The worst part in my opinion was the administration. A lack of concern for legitimate questions, problems, and student concerns upset many of us, even those with minor requests.
Everything about Greensburg Salem was pretty great in my opinion, but there wasn't much support for struggling students. The guidance counselors didn't know how to help with anything and the school therapist was ineffectual. If you didn't know exactly what you were doing for college and knew all about scholarships and advanced classes, you were screwed. I never took the SATs because nobody would explain to me what I was supposed to do. I never took AP classes or applied for scholarships because there is so little help for first generation college students and nobody wants to explain anything to you. There were also outdated policies regarding transgender students. I did like that the classes were only 18 weeks long and a couple hours long like college classes, and there was a pretty good selection of classes to take and good teachers. It's a great school if your parents know how to get into college, if you have no emotional difficulties and mental illnesses, and aren't transgender.
My experience at Greensburg Salem High School was a preparatory experience. The majority of teachers cared about getting their students to where they needed to be, and the student body had a general coherence that allowed the student to focus on their coursework rather than social issues due to the support that they received from their peers. While the variability in classes may not be the widest, all classes, especially that of the foreign language department, were of high quality, and presented an opportunity to any student with a desire to learn.
The teachers are willing to help with whatever is needed. The work load is okay and teachers are willing to make extensions if necessary. There are multiple AP and honors classes that are also available for college credits.
The teachers at Greensburg Salem truly care about their students and take the time to tutor them before and after school. The cafeteria has a large selection. I have no complaints about the school.
I'm sure a lot of people can agree that their school is not the best, but mine helped save me. This year I tried committing suicide. It was due to the bullying I recieved at my school and because it was just name calling I got the good ol "sticks and stones" phrase. I feel like Greensburg needs to be more disciplinary when it comes to bullying because I know I am not the only victim of this. Now let me tell you how they saved me. After a month in the hospital from my attempt, I wanted to drop out or do cyber school because I felt worthless in their atmosphere. I had a meeting with them and they wanted me to stay in school and they even worked with me so that I can pass high school with an actual high school diploma. My school hurt and saved me so thats why review is just 3 stars.
I did enjoy two years at Greensburg Salem High School. Because of their amazing foreign language program, I am near fluency. I should note that I am a bit biased because I LOVE foreign languages. But, I didn't have a math class my first year until the second semester. Notto mention that I aldo had a summer in that time I forgot almost all algebraic math skills. That made the algebra class pretty difficult. I also didn't have a math class at all my senior year. With their schedules you get four classes for a semester, and four classes the next. It's not a good schedule because you don't have the chance to practice things like math consistently.
My overall experience with Greensburg Salem was a good one. I felt as though we had some really great teachers, and got a lot of valuable life lessons out of our education. Furthermore, the extra-curricular activities and sports at Greensburg Salem were not only successful but helped to support and strengthen students. I do feel as though there could have been more college preparation in high school.
it was a great school that prepared me minimally to further my education at the college level. the school was decent in trying to involve students with the sports and clubs involved in competition on days of the week and weekend. as a former athlete there i would have liked to see more of a turn out for the football and wrestling matches, however students wouldn't show. the school would let them know of the games or matches on the day of leaving students unprepared and already had plans.
I think Greensburg Salem has a very good education program. They do block scheduling which is four classes a semester an hour and half long. I think this is a really good program that I believe gets you ready for college and what to expect. It also gives you time to get to know the teachers and to have one on one time. Greensburg Salem is very accommodating for students with disabilities or mental programs. They also have very good athletics that the teachers help them get all their work done and still compete.
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The teachers at this school are pretty chill and caring. If you actually just talk to them, they treat you like their friend. Classes are easy and sometimes fun. There is a lot of drama in the school though.
I would not be the same person I am today if I did not graduate from Greensburg Salem. It was like a close family. Diverse and accepted. I would not change my experience for anything.
The amount of electives that are available to each grade give a student tons of options to get deeper in what they live and what they think they want to go to school for.
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