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Teachers care about the well-being and learning of the students. The sports teams are average. Overall, a good school.
Greensburg Salem is a mediocre school. It has good education and language programs, but lacks everywhere else. The select number of teachers that do care for their students don't make up for the majority that don't. Administration is often no help and has little regard for the mental health and true success of their students. They are far more concerned with their reputation and football team than listening to their students.
I love all the teachers at the school and feel like the students and teachers really make meaningful connections. The language program at Greensburg is amazing and is one of my favorite things about the school. Many students are bilingual by the time they graduate and some kids no more spanish or French in one year than college students after several years. There is no better school around to learn a language.
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Greensburg Salem High School has a philosophy of effort creates ability and we would hear it often. It makes more sense to me now that I am out of school and understanding what it means in the real world. The teachers care so much and we get to know them because we have longer classes with more time to connect. Block schedule allowed us to take 32 classes that were challenging and the teachers helped us in learning the material, even if it took more time. I loved the people. I took a lot of AP classes, but I had friends who went to tech and they felt that was great too. Overall, I felt like school was a place where people care about me as a person and pushed me to be my best. I remember it's a great day to be a golden lion announcements all the time and still smile when I think about them.
The small school size lends it's hand to great teachers and many chances for one-on-one work. There are very few teachers in the districts that don't go above and beyond for their students. However, there does seem to be a disconnect between the student body/teachers and the administration and school board. I hear frustration from the teachers and students almost daily. The school board is (in some, but not all cases) recognisably politicized, and it is sometimes questionable who they are making their decisions for.
My career as a student at Greensburg Salem High School (GSHS) consisted of four extremely humbling yet valuable years of learning. Relying on a minuscule tax base, this public school served as a constant reminder that effort creates ability rather than financial status. Although my experience was hindered due to our constrictive budgeting and lack of external opportunities, it only brought me to strive for success with fiery determination.
The primary focal point of positivity in GSHS lies within the faculty and teachers; since the student-to-teacher ratio is quite narrow, the school's academics and sense of familiarity allows for exponential growth in the student body. Had the teachers not provided such a communicative and intimate relationship with students, I would not be nearly as involved as I am today.
Overall, the determined spirit of Greensburg Salem High School carries the school's positive attributes. With a foundation of effort, GSHS is a great fit for young minds.
Greensburg Salem High school is a very layered and diverse school district. I recommend going to this school district for the many opportunities you are easily given here. This school district always thinks about every single student's personal needs to be better and work harder every year.
I had the privilege of attending Greensburg Salem for my entire education career. I can honestly say that the teachers are what make this district great (in addition to HS Principal Mr. Zilli making it a Great day to be a Golden Lion!). It's really hard to find a teacher that doesn't genuinely care about their students here. They all love what they do and love the students. Everyone is included in everything. While we may not have a lot of funding, and put a lot of unnecessary funding into our (below average) football team, I am proud to call Greensburg Salem home. Even as the roof collapses around us, Greensburg Salem High School is one of my favorite places in the world - my home away from home.
I have enjoyed my experience at Greensburg Salem. The teachers are caring and truly believe in supporting and helping you grow as a student. Athletics, has played a big role in my life at Greensburg Salem. No matter the sport, the coaching staff directed me and helped me to grow as an individual. When I had a life alerting decisions to make, I could count on a teacher or a coach to help guide me through the process. I am blessed to have been part of a strong community based school district.
Greensburg-Salem is a pretty mixed bag. Some of the students and some of the teachers are great, but then there are some mediocre teachers and some really terrible teachers, and some really rude students. As for the administration, a lot of them aren't extremely helpful and tend to be pretty rude if they decide they don't like you.
My education at Greensburg Salem has been great. Throughout all my years at Greensburg Salem, many of my teachers have influenced me, and encouraged me when I have struggled. Greensburg Salem has provided me with what I believe is a great eduation.
I love how greensburg salem has block schedules and a nice encouraging environment. At greensburg you have the chance to fundraise for pediatric cancer, trips to foreign countries and way more. Greensburg is a place where you can grow and grow until you’re completely ready for your journey into college.
i’m just about halfway done with my senior year at Greensburg Salem and it has been pretty great over all. The teachers are great, you can tell they care about us as the students. I feel they have prepared me pretty well for college and what comes after. This past year I’ve had several major issues with my health, The school sent out teachers several times a week to work with me to make sure I can pass all my classes and still stay on track to graduate on time.
I loved attending high school here, as I feel like it readied me for college life. One downside is that much of the focus (and funding) is on athletics while the arts (band specifically) lacks the attention (and funding) it deserves.
Greensburg Salem is a great school district where teachers actually care about the students and their futures. Greensburg Salem has a very good STEM curriculum as well as a growing push for the arts. No matter what you want to accomplish later in life, Greensburg Salem helps you achieve your goals.
Greensburg Salem is a great school with intensive academics; I feel very confident that I will succeed in college! The teachers are always willing to give assistance to struggling students. Sadly, Greensburg Salem lacks the finances needed to improve its mundane facilities. Our sports teams and clubs are terribly average aswell.
I really enjoyed the block scheduling set up versus traditional periods. I liked this better because we had more time a day in each class so I didn’t feel as though my learning was rushed, I had enough time in class to do what was needed. However our school has no air conditioning which is a huge problem, on 3 separate days this year we were dismissed early because it was too hot to be in the building, which disrupted learning. Overall the staff is very nice and easy to work with and very willing to help.
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Greensburg was a great place to go to high school as far as feeling like part of a community. While the math and science departments were good, arts and music really struggled. Clubs were not a huge part of the school, and I wished they would be more supported. I connected well with most of my teachers and they were always willing to help out. Guidance failed in many aspects, however, and the first thing I would change is them.
I had a great experience at GS. Teachers are great and really care all across the board, and there are a lot of clubs and sports offered for different tastes. It really feels like a community and they prepare you for career or college depending on which path you want to take.
I have been going to Greensburg Salem since the seventh grade. I like the school and would not go back to my old school. Really great place to learn
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