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I attended Greensburg Community Schools K-12th grade and I received a great education from teachers who cared about their students, administrators that put students first, and an overall school environment that gave me more opportunities than I would have had at another school. There are many different clubs for various interest groups and the dual-credit offering at the high school is unmatched. I was able to graduate with 36 college credits, making me a sophomore in college before ever setting foot on a college campus. While I can say that not all sports were given their due representation, the school made a very conscious effort to acknowledge the accomplishments of all students across various fields including academic, athletic, the performing arts, as well as different clubs. I got very lucky to be able to attend this school.
While attending Greensburg Community Schools I have grown to love the faculty and staff as they always treat me with kindness and never fail to provide assistance when needed. One thing that I wish would change at Greensburg is the reaction to bullying. Our school does not tolerate it, but the punishment isn't always severe so some students are not affected.
I liked some of the teachers, but a lot of teachers' learning styles didn't click with me personally. The school really wasn't that great in general. Gym was held in a separate building because we were too afraid to scuff the actual gymnasium's floors, teachers I've loved were gone too soon, and there's a lot more that I could go on about. I believe that it all depends upon who you are for what your experience may be with this school. For me it just so happens to be not a pleasant one.
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I graduate from Greensburg Community High School back in 2016. They have prepared me for my college years. The school has a lot of AP courses and I love the teachers that are employed.
I really enjoyed the teachers and the relationships I have with them and how they prepare you for not only life long lessons but the standards the state applies for us to learn. I think the amount of clubs we have is great and there are so many great facilities we have for sports and fitness.
Greensburg Community High School was an odd experience for me. They mostly concentrate their sports and activities on basketball and ignore all other sports. It's not diverse at all, but it is getting better. When I went there there were maybe 6 minorities out of 600 students. For the longest time I felt alienated. Also they don't have contemporary clubs like video editing, film, computer or robotics. To me it seemed more like a dictatorship. If you wanted to express yourself in any way shape or form they would shut you down.
Greensburg Community Schools provide many different opportunities for students. They have top notch administrators, teachers and staff. The grounds and facilities are up to date and well kept and far better than any other around the area. Greensburg offers Honors classes, AP classes and Dual Credit courses that can be taken at Ivy Tech Community College.
Greensburg is an excellent school in our community. They provide up to date facilities, great administrative leaders and teachers. Students have opportunities to take Honors classes, AP classes, and classes offered as Dual Credit through Ivy Tech Community College.
I learned so much about myself and the world around me by attending schools in this district for 6 years. Without my experiences here, I would not be the person I am today.
My overall experience with Greensburg Community Schools is about a 8 or 9 out of 10. There are a lot of classes offered at Greensburg that some of our surrounding school don't have. There are many classes that are college classes, that better people for the future. My indicated major has to do with medical and there's several science and body science classes that are offered. There are also many sports and many clubs that allow people to find something that they like. Just in the past year, they have added 3 new clubs. We have everything from fishing club all the way to academic club. The teachers that run theses clubs and classes are also some of the best teachers I've had. There are some amazing teachers that are both approachable and know how to explain each concept you learn, well. Overall, Greensburg community schools is a school I would recommend going to.
The students are closed-minded and uncultured. There is hardly any diversity. The teachers I have had are excellent and genuinely care about their students, but the students are quite apathetic about learning opposed to getting decent grades which is probably a sign of a failing education system rather than failing teachers. It's hard to invest in a broken organization.
I just moved here my junior year and I have enjoyed it a lot! It was a very welcoming school. I liked all of the activities we are able to participate in, such as the lip dub. I would like to see a change in silly rules, such as : no eating or drinking in classrooms, etc.
My 4 years at Greensburg High School have very enjoyable. I'ts a great atmosphere for learning and growing. The faculty have passion for and take great pride in their students.
I loved everything about Greensburg Community High School. I miss everything about that school. Everything from the teachers standing in the hallways to the cafeteria food. If I could change one thing about that school, I believe I would change the fact that not many school gatherings happened.
What I love about Greensburg Community Schools is that it is a very safe environment to be around and you form a special relationship with each one of your teachers. Just like every school there are "groups" but everyone makes you feel like you belong at Greensburg schools. I love knowing each student in your class whether its just their name or them personally. The class sizes are around 200 per grade, so if you like to learn in smaller groups Greensburg is perfect! The only thing I wish to see change in the future would be how they handle kids actions like bullying, you don't see much discipline.
The school is small. You get some freedoms. The only problem is that when a kid poops in somebody's gym bag, they do nothing to that kid. they care more about what you post on social media, than if you poop in someones gym bag.
I think this school district is alright, compared to my previous school district a few years ago, it is not as great.
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