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Greenport Union Free School District Reviews

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It wasn’t a terrible experience although unlike most alumni, I would never go back. I went here from k-12 and during that time I had some really incredible teachers and some really bad ones. Wish there were more clubs and activities that could bring the community together.
If you were born and raised in Greenport, and know a lot of people, then I might recommend sending your kids here. Otherwise, they’re probably better off in a bigger school with more opportunities.
Being at Greenport was different. It's a small school, everyone knows you and you know everyone. My class was a total of fifty kids and we all had our own group. It was very cliquey, and people didn't get along as much. I didn't like much people. I only hung out with a hand full of people and that was it. There was too much drama to just hangout with everyone, and that was something I tried to avoid.
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This school is a very close knit community. But being small has it's pros and cons, you could get to know everyone and develop good relationships with teachers. One bad thing though is the lack of opportunity this school has to offer. The only extra curricular thing you could pursue would be sports, music or drama. Having the lack of clubs really feels constricting. It's increasingly getting more ""diverse"" as like loads of Hispanic kids are becoming the majority in the school and constricting us even more. My personal experience with the faculty is disappointing, as a shy kid, It's hard to develop relationships with teachers, I really wish they would be more concerning and try to help and get me involve instead of ignoring me. Overall, it's been ok, I wish there was more activities and more support from teachers, the lack thereof made me depressed and ready to go away to college.
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