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Greenon has always gotten mixed feelings from students. The horrendous building was the main reason for that; however the groundbreaking for the new school is just days away. I won't be attending the new school, but some of my peers as well as my little siblings will. Despite the building and it's issues, I only ever had a good experience at Greenon. The teachers were some of the best around, and I don't think I could have even asked for a better education.
I personally love the teachers. The building is very old but other than that great environment. The administration is not helpful at all.
Although we are finally getting a new school, it doesn't help the current students. Horribly ran down schools, no air conditioning and crowded. Prep for college (some schools have act/sat prep as a class you can take) is limited compared to other schools.
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I have attended Greenon Local School District for my entire educational career. The staff is very nice, helpful, and caring. I would like to see a difference in the building itself, talking about the high school, and I would like to see an improvement in the lunch program. The lunch program is very limited to options, and I think that there should be more options to those who struggle with eating, and I think that there should be more flexibility with pricing of lunching, especially for larger families.
I love my teachers at Greenon and our AG program one of the best in the county! Cant wait to send my future kids here!
I love Greenon High School. It is rather small, but that is what brings everyone close together. I am in Marching Band, and I did Track for two years, both while at Greenon. I have made some amazing friends and have met some wonderful teachers. I could not have had a better high school experience than I did at Greenon.
I have attending Greenon Local Schools district my entire schooling career. The staff is great and very friendly. My only complaint would be the condition of our buildings; they could use some improvements. I have enjoy my experience here very much and wouldn't trade all the great laughs for anything.
Greenon has wonderful teachers who care and support the students, but the administration doesn't seem to care about the students -only about what they want to see happen. The community is small; it is a farming community, so we have a mix of students.
Greenon High School my home school is high spirited and everyone is like family since the school is so small. The conditions of Greenon are not that great when it's too hot or cold, yet you can genuinely feel that the teachers want you there and want you to learn, they take their time and even stay after school to teach the material you may not understand. I'll miss Greenon and all the great friends I've made when graduate.
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