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Loved the small atmosphere, but very low teaching budget. Teachers never really cared about their students.
It is a very small school, so I was familiar with most of the students. Throughout my years, I had superb one-on-one lessons with my teachers who all seemed to care about each individual student. The finances however, did not seem to be handled wisely and many opportunities were taken from students unnecessarily.
Greenland has been an absolute blast for me. I wake up everyday knowing it's going to be a fantastic one. The school is extremely friendly and everyone is family. I love going there so much that missing a day of school turns out worse than not actually going.
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Greenland School District is a place of diversity and encouragement. The staff ensure that every student is trying to succeed to the best of their abilities, and when that is not enough they help them try harder.
This is a great place to go to school and prepare for college. The teachers push for every student to succeed in life and want to know their plans after school. If there is a problem everyone there tries to help where they can.
MY family and I absolutely love it. It has a great student teacher ratio and the staff is great to work with.
The teachers talk to some of the students individually and help them out without putting the "spot light" on them. The students there are also very mature and respectful.
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