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Greenfield School District Reviews

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The school district dors a fantastic job of encouraging students to be well rounded, but could do better in scheduling classes
The actual facilities are very good. The teachers can sometimes be a little on the poor side but they will work with you and help if you take the time to visit them.
Greenfield High School is a wonderful place for learning. The teachers are supportive of their students and are more than willing to help when they are struggling.
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I believe that the staff and students genuinely care for one another and for the school. Most of the staff is available to offer whatever support a student might need, and most of the students are willing to encourage each other to become better.
I really liked the photography and art department. The teachers were excellent and dedicated to teaching their students and motivating us to produce our best work. I also liked the science department. The instructors who taught AP classes were really good and they prepared you for the AP exam.
In the 12 years I have been attending schools in the Greenfield School I have been impressed with the way it is run. One thing they are very quick to stop is violence and and overall negative situations in the school. They enforce rules that keep people in line without making them so harsh. I have had the best experiences in my time at Greenfield High School. They really treat us with enough freedom and are usually respectful toward you as a person. Most of the teachers working there are wonderful and have changed my life in all positive ways. The environment is most often welcoming.
I like Greenfield's support system for students and the teachers' friendliness. However, Greenfield's technology is a little bit of a mess. Sometimes teachers can play clips on youtube and other times they can't. Chrome books also break quite often and SMART boards need occasional repairs.
The Greenfield School District was really good to me during my time as a student. There was always something that I could be involved in to keep me busy.
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