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My daughter is a junior in high school. She has 3 teachers she really enjoys and they seem to Challenge her. I’m glad as a parent there are teachers wanting to point her in the right direction and give her chooses.
The people are kind and understanding and the faculty and staff are nice and helpful. I feel as though safety is the school system's number one priority, which is great because of how many shootings there have been in the past.
I've been going to the greenfield schooling my whole life and have never been disappointed. I grow up here and continue to be amazed by the journey it's taken me. In school, You don't really see any bullying, and the only fighting there is are they occasional spats between people. Some of the teachers really care so much about their jobs and the students and they try their best to teach all their students to the best of their ability. I grew up here and have always loved the enivorement it gives off.
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I like Greenfield Community Schools overall, however there are a few things they can fix along with the security cameras. They need to have more mental health opinions for kids in need.
I like Greenfield-Central High School a lot. It just needs some improvements in certain areas such as the lunches. I do feel that I have gotten a quality education from this school.
Very good schools! 4 star rating. Wonderful band program! Very caring teachers and staff. Food needs revamped for sure, more selection. Better quality!
The biggest problem with the Greenfield school system is the lack teachers who are actually interested in the students who attend the schools. The teachers are a little better at the elementary level, but the high school teachers are horrible. They do not “ teach” they merely show up to collect a pay check. The students are expected to read the text books and with little or no instruction are expected to master the subject without the instruction or guidance of a teacher.
Greenfield is a great school overall, there are just a few areas that could be improved upon. School lunches are poor, but that is to be expected with most schools. It is not very diverse, with a mainly white student body. Overall though, a great school to attend, with plenty of resources and places to make friends.
Greenfield-Central had it's ups and downs like any other school. It had very poor food, very little to no diversity, and it focused way too much on sports rather than inclusion and education. It did, however have some very encouraging and good teachers, others not so much. It was a place where some people could call home and others couldn't wait to get out of there. It's priorities need to change. It should be focused on trying to get their students to pass their classes rather than winning games. It should focus on giving the students proper nutrition. It should try and actually prepare it's students for what is out there in the world and college rather than information that will never be used on a day to day basis.
Greenfield offers many different academic programs! They make the learning easy, and fun. They offer free after school tutoring for anyone who is struggling. Greenfield not only offers many academic opportunities, but they also offer many extra curricular activities. We have an amazing performance arts program, and we have an outstanding athletic department. Everyone is dedicated to our student body.
My school is a good and safe school. I have enjoyed learning from all of my teachers.Greenfield offers so many different courses and opportunities.
Enjoyed my time here and feel that they have helped prepare me for the next step in my life. I have taken many classes that were set on my schedule to be able to help prepare me to become a vet. They helped me with looking at different colleges and applying to them. I have been accepted to Purdue University and look forward to my future.
Greenfield-Central High School is a wonderful school to attend. The town of Greenfield may not be very exciting, however they do have a great educational system. They truly prepare you for college and careers!
G-CHS Schools offer a variety of services to a variety of students. In the high school, they offer many different classes for students of different academic abilities. There are extracurricular activities for everyone.
I mainly enjoyed my four years at Greenfield Central High School. The principal is a one of a kind man. He genuinely cares about every singe student that has set foot in that school. He does everything in his power to make the high school a safe and loving environment.
The teachers are all willing to help and want their students to succeed! The corporation tries their best to provide students with all the opportunities to succeed. For example, there are several college level classes that are offered and many teachers are will to stay after school to help.
I would like to see more career oriented classes that will help the student in the college of their choice. More technical fields, like Walker Career Center.
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I have had a good 4 years at Greenfield Central High School, all my teachers have been great and I have really learned a lot in my high school career.
I have attended Greenfield Central High School for two years now but I have gotten a good sense of how our school is run. We have great teachers who care and take extra time to make sure we understand what we are learning. Our school also is a part of a program where each student gets a MacBook Air for a one to one learning style. This makes sure each student's learning style is accommodated for. We also have a wide array of extracurricular clubs and activities from Theatre Arts to a Woman's Rights club. Alongside many fine arts programs we also have a wide variety of sports programs offered. However, our school struggles with finances for each club but still strives to make sure each program is enjoyable for students. As far as in school environment goes our administrators make it a priority that every student feels safe coming to school each day. No matter what they handle each situation with a stern thought process to make sure the environment is safe.
I have been in the Greenfield Central School Corporation my whole life and I really enjoy all the influential teachers I have had. Most of my teachers have taught me a lot not only in the classroom, but also who I am as a person. They have pushed me to grow and to push my limits. I have greatly appreciated the teachers I have had throughout my school career.

While the teachers in the Greenfield Central School Corporation are fantastic, I would like to see the food change. I haven't had school food since sophomore year, but I have heard from multiple people that the school food has gotten worse. We have some good food, such as when the school offers Papa John's or their pasta is pretty good. The thing is though, that school food is getting expensive. It's about $3-4 or more, depending on what you get. I feel as though it's a little much for school lunch, especially when I know some kids don't even buy lunch and they wait until they get home.
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