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Greene County Tech School District Reviews

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Greene County Tech school district is a great school full of fun, creative, and kind people that will help you with anything you need and make sure that your learning experience is the best that they can provide .
Recent graduate, okay time there but some teachers don't care about the students leaving them to fend for themselves whenever help is needed. The facilities are great but the students tend to wreck them. Also the board of directors drastically limit the students on everything from clothing and how pep rallies.
I like that the school has a bunch of great teachers that connect with their students and are always ready to help. Also, the students here are very friendly, there are some ups and downs but every school in the nation has that. The teachers are always trying to encourage students to do better and to further their education after high school. They help so much with college and ensure that you are on top of the game with it. I would like to see more spirit in the school fit sports, however, as some sports get no credit or praise at all.
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Everyone is so nice and always really helpful! No matter what it may be if I need some help with something or just need to ask a few questions in understanding an assignment the teachers and faculty are always welcoming. The students are very friendly and courteous to help others always as well.
My experience at GCT has been very entertaining. It has providing me the opportunity to go to a vo-tech program and get my CNA.
I enjoy how everyone was so opening my first year here, which was this year. My teachers have been teaching me better than I feel like I have ever been taught. I enjoy being here each day and can't wait to come to school. I am thankful to Greene County Tech.
My experience here at Greene County Tech has been an adventure from the middle of Kindergarten to the beginning of my Senior year. The faculty here is beyond helpful when it comes to attending to the students needs, but in turn with disorders they are not as well knowledge as I have come to find out these last three years since I have been diagnosed with anorexia.
They work their hardest to create bright individuals and only want the best for the students.
GCT is a very excellent school dedicated to the success of its students. The faculty and staff are very helpful and kind to students, and it has some of the most knowledgable and respected teachers in the area.
I love the teachers, subjects, sports activities, and staff. I'd love to see more students involved in extra curricular activities.
Greene County Tech offers many AP and college readiness courses. They offer an ACT boot camp before every ACT test date. The campus isn’t very diverse, it’s mostly white kids. The cafeteria food isn’t very good at all, and the portions are small. The teachers are very inclusive and the administration make a conscious effort to be inclusive to their students. Overall, however, my experience at Greene County Tech was a positive one, and I feel more than ready to move onto a new chapter in my life come May 2018.
It is one of the nicest high schools I have seen, the teachers are so flexible, the faculty is amazing, one thing I don't like about the school is that we don't do as much ACT prep.
I love going to Greene County Tech growing up, I attended the school from Kindergarten to graduation of senior year. GCT really focuses on academics, with ACT study hours, many AP classes to choose from, and awarding high grade achievements. They are also very good with sports, and helping players balance being an athlete and a good standing student.
Greene county tech is a very nice school with teachers that really care about how you're doing. It's always a fun place to be and school spirit is very big their. The art and music programs are amazing.
The education I recieved there seemed well enough, although I dont know how other school districts compare. But I did have great influences while I was there. My history teacher from my sophmore year to my senior year and for four different classes, Mrs Sullivan. She had the greatest impact on me wanting to become a history teacher. Describing her is almost impossible as being the sweetest, wackiest, pack rat/hoarder, funniest person you will meet. My AFJROTC instructors Lt. Col. Antoline and Msgt Burlingame. They helped me become the man who I am today, coming out of my shell and instilling leadership traits in me, again I cant thank them enough. There were other teachers there that varying other degrees of influence on me, some good some not so much. I feel overall I had a good time attending school at GCT. I would definately not have a problem having my kids attend there
Greene County Tech has an excellent academic program. Though the school district dose lack in diversity, the school has actualy become more diverse every year. With is family based culture it is easy to meet many friends and enjoy the diverse academic programs that the school provides. Whether you enjoy working hands on, or by staying in a classroom inviroment, is school has a place for every individual.
I liked this school because of its great Agriculture Programs the Highschool building is new and clean. All the teachers are nice, the food provided is pretty good for a school. There is clubs for anyone. Academically this school has more AP programs than most schools in its region. There is a nice indoor facility for the sport programs. The band program is growing.
Greene County Tech is a great school. The academic records are very good and the teachers make sure you are prepared for the ACT. I would say GCT is one of the best schools in Arkansas. The administration is absolutely fantastic! Any resources you need, they have! If they don't have them, they'll help you find it!
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I love the faculty especially the teachers at Greene County Tech High School. They will spend their free time before or after school to help you with an assignment. They are very welcoming and care about your education. I would like to see the volleyball program become more important to Greene County Tech High School. It does not have as much support as the basketball or football programs.
My experience at Greene County Tech School District has been nothing but positivity and encouraging. The staff at school is so supportive and caring in anything you do. They want me to succeed, so they make it possible for me to learn new things and help me out when I have a question. I don't think Greene County Tech should change anything!
I love this school and the administration, the only thing I would change would be more athletic facilities for girls sports.
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