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For the past years that I have been enrolled in Greene County Schools I must say that I like the fact that the teachers take pride in teaching the students and making sure that they understand what they are being taught. The one thing I would love to see change is more activities for the Middle School age students.
The food is horrible and is the main thing students complain about. Every year a lot of teachers leave so we get mostly people from ECU and its the first year they've taught. They don't really know how to connect with students or how to teach. the older teachers are always better and wiser. Fights happen a lot every year. It's an average school overall and I wouldn't recommend going to school here. So glad it's my last year.
My school experience at Greene Central High School was the best. They always put our needs first. Supplied us with the essentials to graduate high school and also how to manage life after high school. They paved a way for us.
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Run poorly, unorganized, constant behavior issues, constant interruptions, barely any planning, and little to no resources etc. The ratio is 30:1 students not 15:1 plus you have a remediation class that is supposed to be 15 but ends up being about 20 students. I wouldn’t work or send my children to these schools.
Prior teacher and can say the ratio is 30:1, not 15:1 as posted on I had 120 students in my class and was expected to differentiate for them all. Impossible job- no resources, minimal parental involvement made this job next to impossible. Sad these sites don’t tell the real facts.
What I like about Greene County schools is their love for students and always wanting to help out. It’s more of like a big family then a school, because everyone knows everyone. I would like to see teachers prepare students more for the real world, and give us more opportunities for learning.
The schools can provide few opportunities compared to your average school. The county is a rural area, so you have to search far and wide for any opportunity to improve your child's educational experience. The sports allow students to be themselves and there is no pressure to win or do better.
Students are very focused and have set high goals to achieve. If there was one thing I could change about Greene County Schools, it would be the spirit. Not many kids have school spirit.
I loved Greene county. It's a small school. I love all the teachers and faculty, they're nice and kind. As far as I know, there's no bullying & no fights. It's just a big family.
Greene county schools give a welcoming environment to students and make education fun and entertaining for them. However, because the school district is so small a lot of what you want comes from who you know that works within the schools. That is not a big issue though in more current days in the Greene county schools. The bigger issue is that sometimes the school environment is too entertaining. Most administrators focus on how to make things fun versus what is appropriate for a learning environment. I think we need a little more professionalism in some of the Greene county district schools. However, I believe the school system has improved tremendously and this has allowed many more students to want to come to school and further their education. Just a few adjustments in Greene county schools could achieve even more greatness within the school's students.
Greene county schools has been a great experience. Throughout the years with the good and bad teachers and administrative staff Greene county schools has known when to pull the bad ones out and find replacements. Also the food this year has been outstanding! Definitely a school I would recommend now with the innovative stem academy program!
I've grown while attending Greene County Schools and I fee that without them I wouldn't be the person I am today. Although I faced some setbacks due to the fact the schools are smaller then others, I still found the things that best suited my future plans.
Greene Central is a small high school in Snow Hill. The main strength of Greene Central is the staff support for students. The staff at GCHS deeply care about the students and their futures.
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