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Greene County School District Reviews

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It is an okay school district, but many flaws. Missing more than 5 days gives you an F for a final grade in the class. Though avoidable by staying afterschool, when having a job it is hard to get around.
Great school . Ranked one of the best in the state . The teachers and staff are very nice and helpful. Great teachers and overall a wonderful school
What I like about the Greene County School District is even though there are rivals within the schools, at times when needed, we all can come together and be there for each other. Greene County has a tremendous amount of excellence today’s within it. The administration is just as great! They are always supporting student involvement in activities and clubs! They love to have school spirit. When it comes to sports, many parents are involved in the help to excell in it. I can proudly safe that I go to a school within this district and am not ashamed of it at all.
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Former teacher, and can say the ratio is easily 30:1, not 15:1 as posted on I had 120 students total in my class and was expected to differentiate for them all. Impossible job- no resources, minimal parental involvement, and huge behavior problems from many students on a daily basis that impeded the learning of others (that administration was unwilling to address) made this job next to impossible. Sad these sites don’t tell the real facts.
I have attended school in Greene County from Kindergarten to my Senior Year. The over all experience was very good, good teacher that not only taught me in school but also some life lessons also. Some of the things I would change would be more subjects and sports to choose from. The food could be better but it was fine. Greene County School System is a good place to start building a foundation with children for my overall experience.
This school district is truly amazing. The teachers work hard to ensure that their students not only learn, but actually enjoy what they are learning. I have never seen a group of people more dedicated to the public than I see in the Greene County School System. This being said, I would like to see the schools offer more advanced placement opportunities for overachieving students. While there are a few AP classes, there is not enough variety. If changed, this would be a huge step in the right direction for Greene County.
I like the class size and how the teacher's know their students. They work together well with parents and other teachers to get you where you need to be
I loved it! The people of the Greene County School district are amazing and so very helpful with anything that you need. They all care about your success and achievements!
The school system was okay overall. I was a student there from 7th grade through graduation in 12th grade. They tend to use more money towards sports than the arts but the art program at the high school was amazing.
Teachers in the Green County school district take pride in what they do. They do their best to make sure every student has the opportunity to learn in a safe and welcoming environment.
I went to Chuckey-Doak high school. It was a good school over all and the district of Greene county was good about making sure that schools had everything they needed. It a good place for people who aren't really into big cities but there's enough of a town that you don't have to feel like you're always out in the country.
I like the schools over all because the teachers really care about their student learning and work with them to understand the subject they are learning. The school as a whole is diverse and very multicultural. We see everyone getting along with each other and being friendly to new people.
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