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Greene County School District Reviews

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My experience with the Greene County School District was a very good one. My teacher always challenged me to go above and beyond, and I thank them for that. My last four years were the most challenging for me. I played soccer, ran Cross Country, and competed in the Field and Track events. While competing in these sport I was still able to maintain a 4.0 GPA . There are a few thing that my school district could do a little different. They could have better sport facilities. For instance a better running track & a better soccer field.
Being a Senior at Greene County High was not a bad thing at all but the students can get a little crazy. Its very little to no fights at all. The teachers are extremely helpful when you need them. They will go to no ends to help out students that actually want to go to college and get a degree and make something of themselves.
Greene County Highschool has a very great school district. They are friendly and caring. Very willing to do anything they can to help you succeed. They have great teachers and the students are wonderful there . The lunches are great and everyone is so involved
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Greene County was a great experience for me , the people were wonderful , the school was in a great location and the environment was incomparable. As much as i love my old school i would still love to see some things change such as : helping students better prepare for college , offer more sophisticated classes , and more involvement with our community
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