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Administration, teachers and staff love to preach about bullying yet they bully just as much. The staff's children are the worst of them all they cry being bullied yet they are the ones bullying. Teachers principals and other staff have a tendency to target certain children, plus they don't look at students as individuals they compare siblings and other relatives they don't get to know younger students first.
The academics are amazing and the staff is very helpful. There are a lot of opportunities for extra-curricular activities and sports
The community comes together wonderfully when special times come. Wonderfull small cute town. Everyone is given the opportunity to play in sports or even join the musical. The teachers are wonderful and are always there for the students.
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it's alright they don't offer any AP classes and bullying isn't dealt with it's swept under the rug. But the guidance office does help accommodate your learning so if you're a freshman they'll let you take global and US history as the same time. things like that
At Greene, everyone is very close and proud. Especially in this year's senior and junior class, the students are full of spirit and are always willing to interact with the community. One thing I would improve on at Greene is adding more of a variety of sports, academic classes, and extracurricular activities.
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