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Greendale school district is a place where students are often encouraged to be themselves and to branch out and try new things. But when students share ideas that are not considered "fit" by the administration, they are looked down upon.
Superintendent didn't want to face the racial climate at the school until the media got involved. Racial slurs are thrown around the school and administration usually choose to ignore it.
Greendale is an older community that does not accept outsiders. Provincial attitudes hold it back and it's high percentage of over 65 residents don't value investing in schools.
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I was very impressed by the staff and I am so greatful that I got to connect with them. I was also very thankful for the quality of education I received. It truly prepared me for my college career.
Greendale is a great school district they work very well with teaching students the things they need to know to succeed after high school. They also take the extra time to help kids struggling and find ways or certain things they excel at.
I liked how the school was located in a very safe and nice community. The acedemics and sports and clubs offered at the school are all fun and there are a lot of them. The whole staff is very qualified and supportive.
Great school, amazing teachers and small classes that allow individual learning experiences. Well known by multiple colleges and thier programs.
Greendale school district is strong academically and offers many extra-curricular opportunities. Excellent music program and theater program.
I really loved how the teachers are always there willing to make time to help you understand subjects. Also how you're able to talk to them not just about school but also your personal life and really get to know your teachers on a personal level.
The district is consistently committed to continuous improvement in the delivery of education, care and personal development of the children. How many businesses have their leadership greeting you in the morning? Great teachers, great small community feel and safe environment.
The teachers at Greendale truly care about their students. They are always encouraging their students to get engaged in the community and support service learning projects. They want us to be leaders.
Prepared me well for college, would really recommend and have recommneded it to peers. Great community with a lot of parks and things to do. The village is another great asset and is a place I loved being able to go to after school. Many great restaurants there as well, including Ricardo's and ferches. There is also a lot of activities offered in school and in the village during all times.
I loved Greendale's small community feel, but it was sometimes difficult to be brave and try new things in an environment like that. The support of the school from the community and vice versa were incredibly special.
Greendale School District is a wonderful environment to prosper and grow in education. They fully engage students to ensure they obtain positive experiences during their time at the Greendale. I highly recommend this school district to anyone that is looking to have academic relationships with their teachers. All of my teachers and advisors at Greendale were wonderful and contributed greatly to my success; especially in regards to preparation for high school and college.
I am a senior at Greendale Highschool, and I have been part of the Greendale district since 6th grade. before that, I was going to MPS schools. The transfer was hard but the teachers and other students made it easier to meet new friends. throughout my middle school and high school education, I gained a new found love for school.
I like that the Greendale School District provides a friendly environment to learn many different subjects for all ages.
Greendale made me feel welcomed as I came from Milwaukee. Greendale allowed me to be myself and took me into the community the day I stepped foot at the middle school. As great as the middle school was the high school was even better, the way the teachers communicate and the way that the students are so tightly knit together is remarkable. I loved my Greendale experience.
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Greendale is a pretty good school district! Overall, the teachers are friendly and helpful besides a select few. The guidance counselors are always there to help you to make the best decisions not only for high school but your future as well. They have a tip line in place to help you anonymously report bullying , and they try hard to host events that bring the school together, such as peprallys. They do a good job at preparing you for things like the act, and even offer prep classes.
I am a senior at Greendale High School. The academics are highly stressed here and excellent college preparedness. I am involved in band, which is a great way to get students involved in school in a social aspect.
Greendale High School is very committed to the students and activities offered. For an example the band has about 270 members, and is about thirty percent of the student body. The Greendale High School Marching Band has won state at White Water for the past twelve years in a row. The band is now on it's way to New York City for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which would not have been accomplished without the dedicated staff and students. Greendale also has many other extracurricular activities that are offered and are very successful.
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