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i like that they take education seriously and have great staff. One thing i do not like is that they got rid of a great PE teacher, however i do not not know what exactly happened. i am so glad i chose Greencastle High School. The staff actually love their jobs and do not just complain about their jobs.
I enjoyed the small town nature of the school, it is a very tight knit community and word spreads very fast.
Greencastle is a very small school but the people are great. Everyone is a friend in some way. I hope to still be in contact with many of them later in life.
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Greencastle is a great school where i always feel like i have a place. I love going to Greencastle and i couldn't imagine being enrolled anywhere else.
I liked that teachers cared about your education and they all pushed you to do your best. Technology has been a growing phenomenon and a big distraction for people in the classroom. I would change having our laptops out only when needed so more interaction between others can be done.
Greencastle Community Corporation is a family school. As soon as you enter the school you're treated like family. Everyone looks out for everyone. The students are amazing, and the teacher do their job to make sure the students are learning and preparing for the next level.
I wish they would hear their students out better. Often decisions that should include students are not. Students have little to no say in school and are not treated as equals. Other than that, not too bad
Greencastle has a lot to offer both academic and athletics. The student and faculty members are there for your every need preparing you to excel for your future endeavors.
Greencastle High School like any other school has a few bad apples like any other public school has in their hallways but what sets this school aside from others is the involvement of the Administration and the parents of the students. Over the four years i have spent in sports and in clubs there has always been support backing the clubs just as much as there has been for all my extracurricular activities they truly try to do the most for the students with their time available.
In the four years I have attended Greencastle High School nothing has changed much. No improvements have been made regarding educational standards. But, if you're an athlete, don't worry, there's a new gym floor for you. This school consist of many close-minded students which is unfortunate for them. Not being able to accept and respect other will be a major set back for them. We also do a lot of busy work, worksheets that have no purpose and such. The principal doesn't even know my name.
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