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I have gone to Greencastle since kindergarten, and I love it. They focus on your learning through out all of your school years. In high school they stride on getting the students ready for college. Or whatever they want to do after high school.
Greencastle Antrim School District is a great school with many acedemic opportunities. The teachers here are very caring and know the curriculum. They also have many programs to prepare you for college.
Greencastle-Antrim School district is a small town public school, so sadly there are not very many opportunities within the city of Greencastle. However, the majority of the teachers at Greencastle are very compassionate, and willing to work with, and push each student. They provide as many opportunities necessary to make each student prepared for college, and life in general, you just need to put in the effort yourself.
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Greencastle-Antrim School District has given me countless opportunity to exert my efforts in many different areas of study. From the teachers at this school, I have been able to learn so much by asking questions and having professionals who show passion in their area of study. I have loved my high school career thus far and have been able to figure out what I want to do as far as a career throughout this amazing journey. I am so thankful to go to this district.
It was overall a memorable experience. I had some wonderful, dedicated teachers as well as a few poor teachers who did not do their job to their fullest potential. There were lots of opportunities to receive college credits and seek help if needed.
I was homeschooled but GAHS was great to me. They kept me on track, and gave me great resources to succeed even outside their walls. They made it less difficult for me to manage life and school by giving me said resources.
As a student, GAHS is probably the best school in our area. It’s a well-defined, organized institution.
The overall experience was very decent, however, the guidance towards college was a disaster. The counselors attempted to help but did not seem to quite know how. They force the same colleges on everyone and give zero guidance on how to apply for scholarships. The teachers are fantastic and the coursework is very manageable and I feel has prepared me for my future in college.
Awesome school, great people. I had a great experience as a student and a football player. The student body, teachers, and culture is excellent at this school.
My experience over all was pretty good, all of my teachers were such a great inspiration because of the enthusiasm they conveyed in class, and also their willingness to help any student after class. They had good clubs and organizations, but they should try to improve the food quality.
My experience here has been really good as far as the education I have received. There are very few things that I would change because I have had very few issues with anything while attending here
During my time at Greencastle it was very easy to find out what I excelled at. While at the same time found that there were many programs that I fell behind in. I felt there were other teachers in the building that could have helped me excel in the same field I was struggling in.
Over all Greencastle has been a great High School experience, I am glad to have had the opportunity to attend here from all the great people to the sports and other extra curricular activities .
During my four years attending Greencastle-Antrim High School, I developed into a responsible young adult. The courses are challenging, the teachers are engaging, and the students are focused on their academics while still having fun. Greencastle-Antrim has succeeded in preparing its students for college, military or the workforce through TEAM, which is a program all students complete. It involves a portfolio, finishing resumes and cover letters, and lastly completing a senior exit interview to prepare us for future job interviews. I truly love this school but I wish it focused more on the art department, since I feel like we seem to pay more attention to our athletics. I would also like to see more diversity in this school since it consists mostly of middle class white families.
The school is a bustling place filled with many students from many different backgrounds. The teachers work diligently to ensure that every student who comes through the school district is educated and ready for college. Everyone works hard and tries to better themselves through both education and community activities. I have had quite a good experience at this school, with some years better than others, but ultimately I feel that it was worth it.
The teachers are willing to help if a student actually shows desire to succeed and they prepare you to be successful after high school.
I moved into the district my junior year, Greencastle-Antrim made me feel comfortable in my transition and was very helpful getting me back on track for my senior year.
Good School with great teachers and other faculty who are always encouraging students to try their hardest.
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Ove the school prepared me well for College. I was able to learn about how to write a resume and prepare for an interview through an exit interview. The staff were good, but some teacher I questioned there professionalism in the school. One thing I wish I could have been exposed too was more AP classes that suited my career choice.
Teachers will help you as much as they can when you need help and everyone here is part of a big family.
I like how invovled the teachers are. They all want the students to excel, and to have success in their future. They take extra time out of their day, and will even stay after school to help you out with anything, even if it isn’t school related. The school offers great opportunities like internships, and programs at the hospital, that i throughout enjoyed and that helped me prepare for my future. Everyone there is willing to help each other.
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