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In terms of education, the school has its ups and downs. Some teachers are very accomplished and great at helping students, while a few are incompetent. The guidance department is very helpful and good at making the student feel at home. The social life is active, and welcoming, with an abundance of clubs and groups, along with sports.
I received an adequate education in this school district. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't amazing either. Student safety is definitely an issue, no matter how many times there are attempts to "regulate" it. I would never send my child here in the future.
We put our kids into Greenburgh public schools despite hearing it wasn't the greatest. We did our own research first and we're over the moon! The Superintendent is phenomenal! The principals are great. My children transitioned well, the staff and faculty are fantastic. The resources available are astounding: After school enrichment programs (STEAM, chess, Spanish, dance etc.), student government, school play, to name a few. Various sports program options in the middle/high school level. |There are honors level courses at the middle and high school. They are introducing an International Baccalaureate diploma and an Advanced Learning Program (ALP) in the 2018/2019 school year. I can't say enough good things. I would encourage anyone who is on the fence or curious, to visit any of the schools to hear and see for themselves!
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Greenburgh Central is a friendly, diverse and excellent school district with a top-notch superintendent at its helm. Families care deeply about the schools, and students are kind, intelligent and proud of their hard work. The elementary and middle schools are International Baccalaureate schools, and the High School is under review to become an IB diploma school by 2019-20.
When I entered Green burgh Central School district, I was told it was not a great school district. I was told it did not have a sports program, a music program nor did it have great teacher. However I found none of the deficiencies when I entered Junior or High school. I found the teachers to be very professional and helpful. They stay after school just to ensure that the lessons are understood. The music program and sports program are both tremendous. We are able to perform in the various bands for our concerts. Both football and basketball teams are exceptional.
My experience in the Greenburgh Central School District was phenomenal. This school district truly nurtures its children socially and emotionally which allows the educational aspect to thrive. I love how the school district is like a close-knit community. Each school is constantly involved with, and supports one another. This school district is unmatched in its ability to reach students, and give parents the confidence to know that their children are in the right hands.
I really enjoyed the diversity the close knit environment of the school was cool. The sports teams were always good. I would like to see the food at the districts change.
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