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I wish the bathrooms were revised. The men's restrooms are really gross and lots of the stalls in all the building are missing stall doors, which is just sick.
I am very happy with Greenbrier School District. It has a great environment, great educators, and great resources. The teachers truly care about you and your success in and out of the classroom.
Greenbrier School District provided me with the best education I could have possibly received. The teachers, throughout all grades, formed personal relationships with students and encouraged us to try our hardest. We were challenged on a daily basis and they formed us into model citizens to proudly represent our town.
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Greenbrier school district is my home. It is where I’ve spent most of my school career in the district and it has taken me very far. Like most kids I didn’t like school much in the beginning but after growing and maturing I grew to appreciate Greenbrier. The staff has been there from the start to encourage and push me to do the best I can despite the path I choose.
I like the school because it has great academics and high test scores in MAP testing and ACT aspire. I would like for it to have better food, but that cannot be helped. I also want for the teachers become more involved in our clubs and pep rallies. I love being in the band and playing at football games , pep rallies, and basketball games. All of the students are very excited and they all love the band. I also like how the school hosts events such as food drives and homecoming week. A lot of the students participate and we all have plenty of fun.
I have been to a lot of schools in Arkansas and this is by far the best. I am African American and Hispanic so that made it harder at the beginning when i moved here. There is not much diversity so kids weren't used to seeing people like me in there school.
What I like about Greenbrier is how friendly the teachers and staff are to the students. I also like how prepared I feel taking test like the ACT aspire and SPAT.
Greenbrier is very good school. It really prepares the student for college and has a great atmosphere.
The school has a lot of focus on making sure the students have high test scores and also good grades. Sometimes this is good and sometimes it can be draining and unnecessary. The school looks great on paper, but in reality it's only a little better than your average high school.
We have great faculty and staff that prepare us for our future endeavors. They always put in the extra time to make sure you understand the material.
When we moved to Greenbrier the teachers and staff made the transition smooth for our kids. Now our grandchildren attend. Excellent school.
Greenbrier has an amazing education program, however, there sports programs could use some development. It is unjust.
Greenbrier is an excellent school district with great academics. The school allows an associate's of arts degree to be received your senior year. It is the good ole boy system for any type of sports though.
There are many great teachers in this school district but the corporal punishment thing has to stop. March 14 2018 (and it is on Wikipedia under the school district) was detrimental to the high school and the school district with all of the negative publicity. As a whole this s not worth it. Many schools in Arkansas have ended this and it is past time to educate without it.
Greenbrier has been deemed the safest city in the State of Arkansas. The school district invest lots of resources into the safety of their students.
It is a very personable High School with an amazing staff and an exceptional student body. Everyone from the custodians, the lunch lady's, the current librarian is the most friendly lady I've ever met. Our principal strongly encourages extracurricular, pep rally's, senior events, after parties and other things like that.
I enjoyed building relationships with my teachers and fellow class mates. One thing that I feel like all the teachers have here is the willingness to stop what they are doing and help each of us with anything we are struggling with. If it is academic, they will not give us the answer, but they will challenge us, and point us in the right direction. As much as I have hated this strategy during the moment, I am very thankful that the teachers didn't spoon feed me. It taught me how to preserve and try new things and think differently.
One thing that I would like to see happen in the next few years here is to get more people involved in different clubs, and to get all the students involved in sporting events and pep rallies.
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The curriculum is at a good pace for anyone to learn and the faculty are wonderful people. I would change the strict rules that are listed in the handbook.
The school was very traditional and strict about socially normal rules such as a very conservative dress code and the administration is very close-minded when it comes to going beyond the average career path. The school is very good to those who get involved in sports, but there is a lack of activities for students interested in things other than sports or agriculture. In the future there needs to be a diverse choice of classes to give students the education to allow them to proceed to their dream path in life and open up more options.
Greenbrier was always a place where you felt safe. You never had to worry about coming to school one day and a travesty happening because you knew that if anything was to happen the teachers had it under control.
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