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My experience in Greenbrier County Schools because has been good because I have learned several things like higher level math and reading skills. If I could change something it would be parent and student involvement. The girls sports teams do not get much support. I would get more people involved into extra circular activities.
I like many things about Greenbrier East. The food is actually surprisingly good. Also, all the teachers are really nice and supportive. My favourite part of this school is the sprite. All of the people act so happy and pumped up at games. My least faorite part of this school is the hour. Schol last from 8:00 to 3:25
Greenbrier County Schools are overall a good place to go to school. It is very diverse. It has a good school newspaper with interesting topics. The clubs are well organised. Teachers are nice and understanding they will help you if you have any questions.
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Very good school, would be better if they were more personable to the students. Greenbrier county schools seems to do well on teaching things to the students, however I think that they could improve on teaching students about refraining from bullying.
It is overall good. The academics are good and the athletics are great. The teachers are very helpful and try to help the students. The school environment isn't as good, but as long as you try to make friends, you'll be okay.
Great school. Staff is well involved with students. The teachers are always making sure the kids are on track. Teachers well help students if they need it.
Greenbrier County Schools has a welcoming environment where teachers and students alike are interested in learning about new people and things. Greenbrier East High School is like a home to me, and I think other people feel the same.
They are not bad schools, but they could have been better. There were many times during the winter we still had school, although many students wrecked on their way. Some days I would not eat lunch because it was so gross, even though I had practice till six every evening. Many times the fruits and vegetables on the salad bar were wilted and rotting. On the other hand, you had a good education, even if you did not get along with the teachers. The school I attended was recently remodeled and was well kept.
I attended Greenbrier County schools from pre-school to my Senior year of high school. I have always been an above-average student, and in every school I was enrolled, I was placed in advanced curriculum classes, which basically entailed that I got more homework than the majority of my peers. Few extra-curricular classes were available to me, but the classes I took sufficiently prepared me for college and careers later in life.
I currently have children in two Greenbrier county schools. One in Alderson Elementary and one at Greenbrier East High School. Both schools have been a wonderful experience for my children. The schools have teachers who really care about the children by encouraging and assisting them in their academic endeavors and extra curricular activities as well.
Throughout my experience with Greenbrier County school systems, I have enjoyed it and feel that I have gained the knowledge that I need to continue my education. While the food, gym and restrooms lack at times the school is very nice.
Greenbrier East High School is a memorable experience of great learning and full of diversity. I learned so much that I will never forget. Greenbrier East is a school of excellence but does have some room for upgrades in the facilities. There is no other school I would have wanted to go to. My high school not only showed me what I wanted to do in my future but is gave the the beginning pathway to learn.
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