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Green Local School District (Uniontown) Reviews

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The teachers here are willing to work with the students and go over and beyond to help them succeed.
I would like to see wardrobe rules changed. Math Teachers should be better and they should change the math curriculum. The school safety however is great. Less Homework of course but give us longer time between classes because four minutes is not enough time.
I attended Green Local Schools from my 5th grade year, through to graduation.
I am an only child of divorced, middle class parents. I didn’t play sports in high school, or join “clubs” or “committees” of any type. Neither of my parents had an abundance of money. I worked for and purchased my first vehicle, I worked a job since I was 15 and I went to the PLCC for Automotive Technology (1/2 day) once I was able.
If you’re not a sports star, a valedictorian, or product of a rich family that has funds wrapped up in the district- they look right past you.
As an adult with a child of my own, I look back on the feelings I had in high school of not fitting in, or not feeling as if I was of any value to anyone in that school system, were valid thoughts.
The district is about their money and their reputation- they let the kids who weren’t silver-spoon-fed fall right through the cracks.
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It is amazing! Absolutely amazing! I love walking in to the school through the big doors and into the wide cafeteria area. The sports and band are the pride and joy, along with the hospitality known for Green and Green schools. It’s truly an honor to get to attend this school. Every school has its faults and it’s people that should be avoided, but that should not be included in a review, because that depends on who you hang out with, in green there is plenty of smart, athletic, fun individuals that will provide a great 4 years!
Green makes it easy to challenge yourself through honors and AP courses, as well as CCP classes through local colleges.
I love Green Local Schools for my child. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and are always available if you need them. The Principal and Superintendent are also great, and very involved in the schools. I just wish that some of the buildings were updated.
I was a student in Green and I graduated in 2014. I had a great experience during my time here. The counsellors are very helpful if you come to them or if you’re a parent who’s trying to find out how your kid is doing and what you can do to help the process in of preparing for college. I highly recommend it!
The school district is great. I have gone here since kindergarten and will graduate this year in may. The buildings are very nice and kept very well. The only complaints I have are the high school floor in the cafeteria could use some better cleaning and they are always freezing us. All the teachers are nice and very helpful to students. Loved my 12 years here!
I did not like the students there are but the staff including the counselors and teachers were very good
I like the classes and the teaching methods. The teachers are nice and do listen to what you have to say, and I find their classes very enjoyable.
Academics are a little harder than they need to be. The district uses CPM mathematics and that does not work in higher grades like those in the high school. They do not have career specific classes.
Green High School is one of the best schools I have ever been to. When I was in grade school, I attended a private, Catholic school. The change was good for me. I was able to make new friends who had many diverse backgrounds. My favorite thing about Green High School is how much the teachers care about their students. As education is their number one priority, the teachers strive to give their students the best education they possibly can. Not only do the teachers care about the education their students are receiving, they also care about their students well-being. The teachers at Green genuinely care about how their students are doing in life. The teachers are actively involved in assisting students to become fully-functioning adults in the future. Green High School has really prepared me for college. Additionally, Green is amazing because of the amount of clubs and activities Green has to offer. As a high school student, I have participated in four years of soccer, NHS and Key Club.
The school is very accommodating, but often what the students think isn’t taken into consideration and some of the teachers are poor.
It's all about status here. The staff pass judgement and makes you feel less than important there. They seem to be more concerned with school spirit, image, and extracurricular activities than the well-being and success of their students.
I met many people I liked in the district. The teachers were extremely nice but some did not seem to care about your education. Many people on drugs and a lot of know it all. Overall it’s not a bad district but the people in it socks along with the administrators. The office can’t handle anything at all.
Green High is great for this community. Most of the faculty truly cares about our education and well being. I would recommend this school to any parent living in the community.

One negative thing about it is the smell. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the plumbing, but the school always smells terrible. This is not a joke.
I went to Green from K-12, over all I enjoy the Green community. I still have close friends from my graduating. Green was always a very safe place to live offering many beneficial classes to students to get a taste of what college is like. at the end of the day high school is high school it some of us mature faster than others, while high school is important to develop and growth, it is not end all be all.
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They have great teachers! I would like to see teachers step up and get Asperger kids involved in sports as helpers/ statisticians.
All the teachers are nice and there's a positive atmosphere that you get from the staff. The sports are all competitive but in a friendly way. I feel that Green Local Schools has lost touch with compassion and humility and modesty. I have seen people ridicule one another and classmates for being slow, different, or anything unusual. I have seen people put down other school districts to make are schools seem better or to put down their own school system and and be unaware of the great opportunities they are getting live from the green but from Ohio in from the country. With the integration of Technology we're losing touch with our social connection for others caring more about what people we don't even know think people we do instead we should care about what the ones we love think about us and how we think about yourselves
While attending green high school there are many wonderful things you will see just as much as there is bad. The teachers are great always striving to get us where we need to be while the food is the worst!
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