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Green Forest School District Reviews

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Could of been worse. Lot's of wonderful people there, however there are a few terrible ones too which is what made the experience difficult.
Green Forest High School is a great highschool that helps many kids in many ways. We are very fast growing, and the school is only getting bigger.
My experience was great. I liked all of my teachers and class was always interesting. The staff was friendly and caring they were always there to help even with other subjects.
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I enjoyed the environment as a whole. The teachers are always nice, but some aren't always nice. All in all it is a great high school.
My overall experience has been pleasant. If I am ever in any need of help with something I have more than one teacher that is willing to help me do my best on it. The classes don't usually have over fifteen people and in my AP stats class there is only six people so in my classes there is plenty of time for the teacher to help you one on one. I have overall enjoyed my time at Green Forest high school anyone with the ambition to succeed will have plenty of chances to do that here.
I would recommend Green Forest School to everyone. I love how diverse the school is and everyone is accepting. There are not distinct cliques, and the teachers treat all of the students equally. The library is full of books about all topics, and the librarian is open to talking about LGBT and other tough topics. I love the atmosphere and the way that the teachers seem to actually enjoy their job.
I love Green Forest School. It has a great small town effect. I do not like how close-minded people are about our school.
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