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Green Bay Area Public School District Reviews

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I have been in the Green Bay Area Public School District for all of my education up to my senior year of high school (right now), overall the district is pretty good and I have never had an issue with anyone or anything associated with it.
The Green Bay Area public school district has an abundance of diversity and an inclusive environment.
In this district I've deleted with people who lack the motivation to do their school work and it obstructs mine but you'll get that all over. The teachers try their hardest in their own way but they also push students to be better than they are and to do clubs that they end up loving.
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The education and safety of the students is the first priority of the teachers and the school district.
I went through the Green Bay School District all of my education years up to now, my senior year in high school. I loved this school district. I love the teachers that work there. They are all so considerate and good at their job. I love the new opportunities there are everyday in this school district. For example, I am able to join and play lacrosse with the other Green Bay schools. Not many people can say that their school has a lacrosse team. I also have the chance to take AP classes at the school which is very convenient.
The teacher great they do help us. They teach very well. yeah that is pretty, much it. no more words.
I like the Green bay Public school because is a district school withe a diversity of people and a lot of opportunities the succeed and be a better person
It really just depends on the choices you make that determines your experience at Preble. Preble has many ways for you to get involved like HOSA, DECA, FFA, music, art, etc. If you hang around the right people, get involved in something you're interested in, and do the work, you should have a great time.
What i like about the Green Bay Are Public School District is the help teachers give outside class, we have tutoring for students that need help after school also. Something i would change is the teaching styles of some teachers.
I loved being in the GBAPS for 13 years. Although there are some improvements to be made with some students causing interruptions, this is only a small fraction of the student population. Almost everyone else is very caring. The teachers are wonderful as well and I’ve learned so much in the advanced and AP classes offered.
The school district has been great. Although, they should definitely change the way to discipline their students in a more appropriate manner so that way the student is not losing time in the classroom
This was a great public district for me. I am an alumni that graduated in the Green Bay district and have been proud to be called an alumni from these schools.
I love the diversity within the Green Bay public school district. At a young age the students or exposed to people of different backgrounds than themselves. Due to that, students begin to accept, work together, and overall feel comfortable with people who look, speak, and act different than themselves. One difference I would like to see in the Green Bay public school districts is more exposure to colleges. Whether that may be college field trips, college guest speakers/ college motivational speakers. Basically any exposure that the students can get to become inspired to someday go to college and to feel that they can do it too.
The staff were very helpful and considerate. Also, the District made sure that everyone was able to eat every day. One thing that they could do is prepare us better for college. I feel like They she have helped us more with scholarships and about how to pay for college. Also, we need better coaches for sports to improve athletes ability to perform. Overall, I had an enjoyable time in the Green Bay Area Public School District.
What I like about the Green Bay Area Public School District is that the students have a voice that impacts the Board's choices
Teachers were very nice and most were willing to take the extra time to make sure you as a student succeeded. However, the school was very overcrowded which lead to many issues.
I like the environment of the Green Bay Area Public School District. But, I do feel like the general athletics could use some improvement, as well as there should be more involvement within the students.
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The Green Bay School District has provided a safe and engaging atmosphere for my family and me to attend. Each teacher I have had has worked alongside me to make sure I have learned all that I can and prepare myself for college as best I can.
I really enjoyed my experience here. I played sports the whole time while being here at Green Bay East and it was awesome. Something that i'd like to see change is the pot holes in the parking lot.
I have felt extremely comfortable and at home for my entire primary school career, and my teachers have made significant efforts to support me and ensure I would be on the path to succeed. The overall district and board has been satisfactory at best with their lack of funding for my impoverish schools, and have constantly rearranged curriculum for "experiments", leaving the students without consistency and left used.
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