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Greeley-Evans School District 6 Reviews

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I like how the school busses go out past 2 miles of the radius of the school. What I would like to see change is the school food. Not everyone likes it, it all taste bland and could use more condiments.
I have been in District 6 my whole life, from preschool to my now Senior year. I have had a great experience and have always been offered options for after school and options for accelerated or advanced courses. However there are limited transportation options at this district, and being able to bus more students to and from school would create a safer environment.
Greeley-Evans school District 6, is a very strict, but flexible place to be apart of. They make executive decisions quick and simply on only their intuition. Although they side mostly against faculty and students, thy are very reliable.
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I believe that District 6 lacks funding which then leads to a lack of resources, especially for people of color who are in underfunded school zones.
My high school prepared me for college and gave me the tools I would need in order to succeed. I believe that they provided good acedemic resources and even facilities that helped everyday of high school and middle school
The Greeley - Evans School District 6 was a great experience for me. I have been going to school in this area since I was in fourth grade and now I’m a senior graduating from this district. Moving to greeley and going to school here a one of the best things I’ve done. The other school districts I have been to were nothing like this district. I was way more involved in sports, clubs, and even voluntary. This district accepted me with open arms and I didn’t give up on this school district because I knew I could get somewhere in this great environment. During the school year and summer to was great going to school here because of all the respect shown. All the fun actives we participate in. All the help we provide in our community. This experience was the best and I wish to come back and participate in a lot of activities. Thank you for this amazing experience Greeley - Evans School District 6.
Greeley Evans school district 6 is a great school district. It does has its ups and down but over all it’s amazing. They try to provide help to and help improve every school in their district.
Greeley-Evans School District 6 is a great place to go to school. Many teachers and administrators want the best for every student. They want to see every student graduate and have a successful future. Some of the programs they have are amazing. I would like to see more funding go towards extracurricular activities. Majority of programs get cut because of funding and that is not acceptable.
Greeley-Evans District 6 is a mix of different races which helps student a lot in general when it comes to understanding society. Have a diverse population can help a student learn more from a culture and have an open mind. I do think there is much to be changed within the educational system of this district. Although, I do think the district should focus a little bit more on having schools cleaned and fixed.
Growing up in the Evans school district was rough. The students were very rude they did not have any respect for the staff, the students, or themselves. The only thing that I enjoyed about the district were the teachers. The teachers cared about making the students lives better at school, then they would be at home. They cared about the importance of education starting at a young age.
I liked the diversity of students.
If you are member of Greeley west high school am sure you will learn other people’s culture.
The schools are underfunded are although this may not be anyways fault directly, student do impact. But, for the most part, as long as you are willing to learn you can. This school district may to have been the best but it shaped me into who I am and gave me a foundation to go and change the world.
I like how involved the teachers are with their students and how much they really do care about us. I think they could improve on the way they handle certain situations.
District 6 is a very great district! I've been in this district almost my whole life and i can say it definitely has a great environment for the students and the staff!
Greeley-Evans School District 6 is a good district. Although, I do wish they would prioritize students needs into the budget rather than just sports. Instead of a new track, we should replace our raged, old books first!
District 6 has always been a great place to be at. Although I struggle in school and it seems it's not the teachers fault but the way it's told to be taught. I'm not learning and I'm struggling. I want to be knowlegavle but it's hard when you just don't get it
I am a student in district 6. Its very average. I think District has lots of things they can improve on. They should definitely make lunch better. Lots of students do not eat because they say the food is gross. We are not aloud off the school lot especially to get food because it is our safety. I think the teachers could be a little more excited about what they are teacher the school times have changed it feels as though the classes are longer and lunch is shorter. I also feel like the district does not push us to our full potential. We could be doing so much better on tests and future college readiness tests if people actually cared.
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I like University High School and their commitment to high academic standards and community service.
I came to Greeley school district 6 when I was going through a rough time, the teachers were kind, caring, and willing to teach the kids who were willing to learn, I am a senior at Greeley Central high School and I would love to see our roofs be renovated to withstand major storms
My 3 children all attend public school here in Greeley. We are more than happy with our school district. All of my kids are Gifted and Talented and members of Njhs.
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