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I have been attending schools in the greece central school district since I was in kindergarten. The other students are really nice and I met some of my best friends from attending Brookside and Athena. The majority of the teachers are really nice and care about you. Although, there are a handful who aren't so nice. For the most part the lunches aren't so bad. The schools are up to date and have security that do a great job protecting the students.
More of a relationship between district officials and students. This way, they can better understand what students want to make their K-12 experience a great one.
I liked the teachers and the way they taught. I also was apart of the soccer team which was successful and was enjoyable. While I wish the administration was more involved and supported a variety of activities instead of the stereotypical boys basketball and football. I also believe that the students are nice and helps to encourage others to be successful.
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I went to Greece Athena High School. The Athletics and Performing Art are major aspects of our school. We have the performing arts center where musicals and ceremonies take place. It brings energy to our school. I am more involved with athletics and with our sports our school spirit is brought out. Playing soccer for Greece Athena was the greatest part of my High School experience. You are role models in the school. Teachers as well as fellow classmates watch you play and cheer you on. Watching football wearing our black and gold is just amazing. Lastly, our school and diversity is huge. Everyone is unique and you can meet so many great students as well as teachers whose personalities are all distinct.
I attend Greece Athena High School and the school environment and staff is declining at a fast rate. The administrators rely solely on students to get their work done (class events, fundraisers, etc.) and the overall environment here is horrible. Nobody is punished, kids are vaping in the bathrooms and the security guards and administrative figures have no control over students who don't behave whatsoever. Nobody is held to the same standard and under no circumstances do I feel "College and Career Ready" which is the school motto by the way. The NHS association is only worried about when you do wrong and does not do any fun activities with the community like the surrounding towns. If you are planning on sending your child to this district I would highly recommend you didn't. You and your child will not be happy with what happens in these schools.
I like how the overall environment of the school is very welcoming and that everyone there wants to see you excel. However, I do wish to see the level of challenge raised in the school.
I have had nothing but great experiences with Greece Athena High!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go Trojans!
I was able to be a part of the community easily and make friends. I thought I received great education. If I had to change anything, it would be to add more clubs and extracurricular activities.
I loved it here!!! Great teachers, loved the environment and all the activities. They are there to help! Great school and community
I loved every aspect of the Greece Central School District! The overall community was diverse and accepting of people from all backgrounds. I have learned and gained so much insight throughout my experience in this district. Surely, I will use what I have learned from such experiences in years beyond.
Greece Central School District does the best they can to provide students with everything they need. Weather it’s providing extra curricular activities or even family activities for students out side of school. The district themselves host many events that brings the community together in many different aspects. It’s could be done by volunteering to help others in need, hosting free concerts, food truck rodeos, mud runs and much more. The teachers are also very much involved with the students lives. Teachers will genuinely wanna see our students do the best they can. They’ll stay after with a student if needed and provide as much information for the student as they need. I wouldn’t wanna be apart of any other district.
I love Athena High. There are teachers who are completely amazing and actually care about the students outside of school and will make an effort to be there for you. They will laugh with you and cry with you. In addition, not only do they try to prepare us for college, but they also strive to prepare us for life and what society expects from us while also pushing us to challenge societal norms in order to create positive change. Even the security guards get to know the students and influence us for the better! Nonetheless, I did find it challenging to gain support from some of the staff for MOSAICS Club which was created in order to promote cultural awareness and acceptance. However, I do understand that this can be due to fear of conflict within the student body.
If it weren't for the students and staff there, I wouldn't be who I am today.
Special shout outs to Mr. Carletta, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Benz, Mr. Scott, Mr. Stressing and security guard Tom all of which are amazing!
The Greece Central School district, I very dedicated to give everyone of it's members an equal opportunity to a well developed education. However, it poorly executes many of it's objectives. For instance, spending money in the wrong places. At my school, Greece Athena High School, they chose to construct a brand new tennis courts, instead of remodeling and fixing the old ones. Not only was this a waste of space and money, but the tennis team doesn't even consist of that many members, less than 15 at most. Although all of the schools in the district uses these courts, it seems like it would have been a better option to fix the old ones, instead of wasting parking spaces, that the new tennis court took up.
While in Greece Central School District, I have had fun moments with other students. I have also made and had friends throughout my years. I generally would say that I have had a good time in this district. Also, through activities such as clubs and sports, I have been able to meet students from other schools, like Odyssey academy. However, I will say that classes can often be strenuous. Nonetheless, there are good teachers in the district as a whole, and I would say that I have been well educated during my time in the school district. I do wish though, that there was a greater variety of classes that woudl prepare us for life outside of school.
I liked how GCSD focused on the arts, and actually got concerned with bullying. It was nice to have a district that cared about such serious issues. Although, I felt as if they focused too much on the arts and less on the other percentage that had no interest in that field.
The staff are beyond friendly and caring, they are always there to listen and be there for you, as well as support your goals.
Greece has a variety of 4 different high schools, along with multiple middle schools and elementary schools. Even though students are spread out among the schools, many of them get together for activities outside of school. Each of the schools help one another, transferring students for a class or two to a different school of attended school does not offer it.
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My experience at Greece central school district was a little bit bumpy, it wasn't necessarily anyone's fault but I feel that I've always done better in bigger crowds and Odyssey Academy is the smallest high-school/ middle school In Greece. So that made it kind of difficult to prosper. Also I would have liked to be around more people of my race but unfortunately that was not possible.
Nobody is helpful when you need it. The teachers are useless, there are fights basically everyday. Kids also get arrested a lot.
The school i went to has difficulty controlling there students there are a lot of fights but this school is also very discriminating towards race and gender and iit really needs to change.
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