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Greater Nanticoke Area School District Reviews

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I liked the history classes. The school needs to open its eyes for how much bullying happens in one day let alone a year or more.
They get rid of artistic classes like music and arts, which help kids explore the other side of college that they never even mentioned because they were too busy shoving the idea of being a scientist into kids heads. The teachers were the saving grace. Classes were not weighted while attending, so even though I took AP courses as well as college courses, I still had lower class rankings than someone who took study halls and home economics. Administration cared more about what the students were wearing than what was going on in their lives, or their education. Paid hall monitors helped kids smoke in the bathrooms. The school was truly corrupt. Hope this helps
I made great friends at Greater Nanticoke Area and developed great relationships with teachers because they truly care for their students beyond the class room, especially the science department!
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I have enjoyed my time there.
I have also had a hard time when i was bullied for years. Then i decided to join the wrestling team to learn how to stick up for myself. Wrestling has done alot for me. Now i have the opportunity to possibly wrestle in college. I have had a few colleges contact me, I am excited about that.
Greater Nanticoke Area School District is a good school district over all. The staff members are friendly, and it feels like a clean, safe atmosphere. They offer many electives that you can take, as well as some after school activites. The one problem that I would like the school to address is the bathroom situation. There are a lot of things that go on in those bathrooms that they should be infomed about. I think that they should at least get smoke detectors, more cameras to monitor the outside of the bathrooms, or a person to monitors the people in the bathroooms. Overall, the school is a pretty good school district.
For their to be more support for bullying, cause of how kids treat each other, also their should be funding for under privilege kids who can't always afford sports
This school has very nice and helpful teachers. It was a pretty laid back environment - many of the kids who went there were in the wrong crowd and it wasn't uncommon to smell cigarettes coming from the bathroom.
For the most part the school is good. There are a lot of caring teachers who are very supportive. The school does have issues when it comes to food in the cafeteria, such as non healthy choices.
I am a student at GNA and I love it here. All the teachers work with the students and only want to see them succeed. The food is not as good and the bathrooms always smell like smoke. But in all, GNA isn't that bad of a public school that is home to a bunch of committed teachers, staff, and students.
I had a horrible time, especially in high school. The students were disrespectful towards others and the building. About half the teachers didn't do their jobs and teach the class. They would just walk out of the room and the students would do what they wanted in the classroom. The biggest thing a disliked about the school was there was smoke in the bathrooms all day everyday.
There are so many things about this school I am grateful for. The influence of the teachers here shaped me so greatly. They are very understanding and caring. The guidance and career counselors are a strong, supportive backbone. Without all of them, I wouldn't be who I am today.
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