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Greater Latrobe School District Reviews

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To begin, Greater Latrobe High School is the high school of my hometown! It not only reflects on my past growing up. It reflects who I grew into now and all the past memories with friends and family! Greater latrobe is such a wonderful school to in so many ways! Walking down the halls you feel like your in a museum almost with all the awesome art work. I cannot thank all my wonderful teachers and principals for all that they did for me. To end, my high school should be up there with the best!
Caring teachers, excellent academics, a wide variety of course offerings and lots of opportunities to learn and prepare for the future. There are also a lot of opportunities for the Arts and Athletics. The school and the community collaborate to provide a unique and quality educational experience for students.
Teachers were very helpful and prepared students very well in terms of college readiness. Facilities were very good and there were lots of resources for students to further their education in the field of their choice.
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I did not like Greater Latrobe very much. The diversity of the school, and the area surrounding, was severely lacking. Also, the administration and counselors did not get involved with most of the students, but still believed that they had the right to tell me what classes I was able to handle.
I loved the education provided. Teachers were always great and willing to help, especially when getting into upper level classes.
I think that this is a very good school district. One of the best in my area. We have very good teacher, facilities, and the academics are above average. We have many partnerships with local companies to help prepare us.
Latrobe has great teachers who are committed to students success. Teachers are always available and will go the extra mile if needed. The atmosphere at Latrobe High School is a family atmosphere. I have always felt comfortable,accepted, and welcomed.The Latrobe student body is a close knit group of people.
The one thing I would change about Latrobe is indoor track and field is currently considered a club sport. I would like to see indoor track and field turned into a school sponsored sport.
Compared to other schools I have been I enjoy the safe atmosphere of my school and the arts program. My school also offers a wide variety of classes and some that few other schools around us offer. Diversity is lacking, but that is to be assumed, because of our area.
I had a good experience so far in high school. Most of the teachers are good at their jobs. The coaches for some of the sports at the school could be improved. We need to look outside of the district for coaches, especially in football. We have a lot of different clubs to join and be involved with. The cafeteria needs to be redone. It never seemed like there was very much of a choice for lunch and the servings were very small. The football complex built over at the junior high is very nice, too bad that we don't have a great football team, I blame the coaches for that.
They offer an amazing diversity of classes. The faculty is excellent as well, they really have your best intentions for yourself in mind and strive to help you succeed.
My experience at Greater Latrobe was fantastic. The only thing I would have changed is the fact that they are trying to change everything around to make it better when it just doesn't make sense to do these things
Greater Latrobe School District is a fantastic school. It’s classes are quite challenging but they prepare students well for college level courses. Also the teachers are always willing to help students when they do not understand something. What I would like to see change is offer more AP courses and more college level classes such as an Organic Chemistry class and more AP history courses.
Our school is located in a great area in Latrobe, Pa. We have a lot of different sports programs and clubs to choose from. The staff and teachers are great and the facilities are nice.
Greater Latrobe provides a world of opportunities for students based on their certain likes and interests. The staff are very nice and helpful and understand when you need that extra boost.
Greater Latrobe Senior High School is a great school that prepares its students in all aspects of learning. They offer courses that prepare you for college, and the teachers are super helpful and offer guidance throughout your high school experience.
I enjoyed my time at Greater Latrobe. It is part of a friendly community, and feel that I have been prepared well for college.
I am going to be a senior at the high school and my experience overall with the district has been positive. A few of my teachers have been somewhat rough, but overall I feel that the district has prepared me to get into college at least.
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My experience at Greater Latrobe was one of a kind! From my friends, teachers, and all the staff of Greater Latrobe. I am honored to have spent my entire childhood here. Greater Latrobe has taught me a lot. I had the experience to go on the French class trip to France and Monaco, which really opened my eyes to the world and its diversity. The teachers at Latrobe were always willing to help me no matter what time of the day. I was also a part of the Latrobe Basketball team as a Manager. This opportunity taught me leadership and responsibility as a young man. I feel now that since I have graduated High School I can go out to experience college with no fear, only confidence. Greater Latrobe has taught me how to be an adult, now it is my turn to shine!
I loved going to school at Latrobe! The teachers were always so caring, athletics and arts were always valued. I feel as if I received a well rounded education that prepared me for college!
Great overall experience, also offers a career and technology school for half a day for those that are interested.
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