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Over all my experience at Johnstown has been a pleasant one , I’ve made long life friendships , and a lot of memories. The education opportunities at Johnstown have prepared me for life and college , I’m ready for the next chapter of life because of the experiences I’ve had at Johnstown.
This school is very chaotic. Some teachers are only there to act as babysitters and the ones who actually want to make a difference get overrun by the students who are used to only 'babysitters' not educators. This school does very little to help seniors prepare for college. They don't prepare students for real life. Also, this school, like many, teaches in classrooms where you sit and listen to a lecture, or copy notes off a board, and this may help some but it doesn't meet all the different students and their learning needs. Overall, I should have cyber-schooled, at least there I wouldn't have had all the distractions and delays caused by out of touch teachers and out of hand students.
I attended Greater Johnstown most of my school years and graduated in the top 5% of my class. The courses I took prepared me to continue my education in the field that I am currently studying in college. However, I would encourage more accounting classes and classes that would teach company benefits for when we enter the working world. I started working my freshman year and continue to do so to help fund my college tuition and I am now being offered a few benefits which I am trying to learn about. General classes and my field of study classes were offered at my school but nothing more. Our school has a great sports program in which I participated in football, basketball and baseball, while working and maintain a 3.87 GPA. Sports has helped me interact with other students and learn different personalities being a diverse high school. I would highly recommend Greater Johnstown to anyone moving to our area.
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Although around my city Greater Johnstown School District was know as the "bad school" I had an enjoyable experience. I never had any issues while attending the school. The staff was always helpful if you needed questions answered. There was always something eventful going on everyday in the school. The pep rally's before football games were always memorable. Everyone had the same happy look on their face knowing that we would miss some class time to cheer on the sports teams. All and all I got a great education from Greater Johnstown and if I could do it all over again at that school I would.
I like that everyone sticks together and helps in the community.Everyone is always trying new things to help spread positivity in the community and making sure that the youth have better opportunities.
I believe I received the best education I could have compared to other districts in the area. Some students behavior is out of line, but that barely affects my learning.
As an exchanged student there this year I see a lots of chance for the students here. For instance, for all students there have career fair for us to see if we are interested, there have after school tutors to help your school work or something else, for senior there have college access center to help you clear your future plan ,also have a lot clubs that you can enter to gain some community service hour and students there very nice and always there to help.
I was a former students at Greater Johnstown School District. I loved being a part of that school because everyone was very nice, caring, and supported each other. Johnstown supported sports, academics and kept an update on future college and schooling plans, so that you are prepared for higher education. It didn't matter your race or gender because they will help you to the best of their abilities at that school.
No interest in the well-being of the students.
Teachers are told not to get involved by school board.

Videos have been posted showing student assaults.

School Board removed recess and banned cell phones which students used to record the violence.

The children are suffering because of the inadequate management and their refusal to properly address issues.

The head of the school board can't stand students with mental health issues and dismisses bullying accusations. She has no financial or leadership skills.

The food being served to the students has bugs in it. I have personally seen this.

The elementary school is segregated.

I am very concerned for my students . My hands are tied. Someone please help.
Greater Johnstown School District is a good district. It has its pros and cons but overall I believe there is a great education system.
The things I love about Greater Johnstown High School was the very diverse set of students that attend there and help make the learning experience very exciting and interesting. This school tries its hardest to be a good educator and make the High School experience fun for its students including all of the extracurriculars. However, sometimes some bad apples and teachers fall through the cracks and end up making the school a little unpleasant at times and the administration has a hard time dealing with that person and agreeing with the students on the issue instead of listening to them they mostly just pass it off as "they're just kids" which is not a fair assumption to make but overall Greater Johnstown High School is a great experience and you would be lucky to have your children in attendance there!
I have had an amazing experience through out my highschool career. There are many opportunities for a student at this school from vocational programs to associates degree in highschool.
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