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Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools Reviews

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I find this school corporation to one of the best around. They try extremely hard to make sure everything that happens is know for the parents. The teachers, aids and other faculty are extremely hard working, determined and gracious to help provide the best education, buildings and experience to students of all ages. I've been through all the levels of schools in this school corporation and I really enjoyed it and would encourage anyone to, if they can send their children here.
It has so many opportunities. There is always something for everyone. I have enjoyed my time here. The teachers actually care about their students, and they definitely have our futures in mind.
To prepare and take interest in all students. To realize that our community has become more diverse and so have the students and their needs.
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I really enjoyed my time spent in the Jasper public school system. They try their best to give a quality education and I've made so many friends thanks to being involved in the local marching band. It's definitely 4 years of high schools I'll miss like crazy with all of the fun times with both students and teachers.
Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools has an excellent group of teachers. Almost every teacher is very helpful to everyone in the school and are flexible with their schedules so they can help students whenever necessary. The curriculum in the district is challenging but helpful because it prepares students for the next level. The food options are not always the best. However the a la carte and salad bar options help with that.
I like the way the teachers get involved in your life. There is always someone there to talk to. The sports teams all support each other, we go to each other's games, matches, or meets.
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