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Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District Reviews

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I am a student at one of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District schools. The school is very diverse, welcoming, friendly, involving, and safe. The principal is so great and truly cares about the well being of the kids, and the academics are challenging. There are lots of events and clubs to make sure that everyone feels like they have a place, and the teacher's make you look forward to every day at school.
I liked the activities available to the students as well as the courses offered. There is a wide selection for each year and it helps students figure out what sort of fields they are interested in. In addition, each of the three schools offers at least one magnet program which is nice and helps students be around other student interested in the same things.
All three schools are beyond extraordinary to attend. The staff is always welcoming and willing to spend extra time helping any student that needs it. The academics are amazing, most students are enrolled in honors or AP courses. Everyone knows everyone, it's almost like a huge family.
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I moved into GEHRHSD the summer before my freshman year, and all was well; students and teachers were happy, and the school was great. Entering my junior year, the new superintendent was voted in and the happiness diminished. Students didn't want to go to school anymore, teachers were constantly on strike, and our entire school was thrown for a loop. Thankfully, I graduated without having to deal with the superintendent anymore, but I hope changes will be made soon in regards to current students and teachers.
You will get a different experience at each of the three schools. There is always a rivalry and competition between us all. Each school has its niche, there are good and bad things. At Absegami you will meet many different people. The sports (mostly football) is not so good but everything else is average. The education is the best in the district, with the highest test scores. If you want to me challenged it will challenge you. However, if you wish to just fly by you can do that too.
The Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District is poor. John Keenan and the school board are terrible at their jobs. Please reconsider another school district.
Absegami High School had some of the best teachers I have ever encountered in my life. The school always had something to offer to its students, from sports teams to extracurricular activities, there was always something for everybody.
What I liked about Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District is that every teacher cares and they all want to see each student succeed.
Being able to be apart of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District, also known as GEHRHSD, was a pleasure. Knowing that the district was full of a diverse and wonderful group of students made me always feel wanted and important to the district. Not being able to worry about a problem happening at most times, not only kept me, but my parents and family, comfortable. Some might say that the district is perfect, but nothing is perfect. There are some not so good parts to it, such as the food that is given, some rules that are to be followed, and some faculty members.
A fantastic, stupendous school district, located in Southern New Jersey. It contains three schools. One is located in Egg Harbor City. The second one is located in Mays Landing. The third and final one is located in Galloway Township.
From freshmen year the teachers always impressed me. Almost every teacher I had knew their material well and wasn't there just to get payed , they actually wanted to see us grow. One thing that I would like to see change at oakcrest which is slowly happening is the school itself. I believe oakcrest high shool been here so long and impacted students so much that it deserves to be remodeled , inside and out.
I liked the how much the district cared about my education, but most importantly they cared about my well being first. When I was sick during my junior year of high school,they accommodated to my changing needs as a sick student and they granted me extra time to get all my work done which allowed me to still end the school year with a 4.0 grade point average even though spent most of the time in the hospital.
Cedar Creek high school overall is a fairly new and clean school. Throughout the four years I have attended this school I have made many fond memories. All the way from my freshman year, starting out on the new volleyball team, the spirit weeks, pep rally's and our football team winning group-2 championships. My experience at this facility will last me a lifetime. I have made great relationships with teachers that I will cherish forever. Being a senior is bitter sweet. Knowing it is my last year is very challenging, and hard to know I am leaving such a great school. On the bright side with the things that I have learned the past four years have made me ready to start on the next chapter of my life.
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