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This school is a pretty good place for your high school experience. Most of the teachers here are extremely qualified for their jobs and care about their students. You take a lot away from the classes and the atmosphere at school is normally pretty comfortable and safe feeling.
I don't see any problems it had, it's wonderful and a great opportunity to be in this community. I was glad I didn't miss it.
Graduated in 2016, and had good opportunities for internships to help me chose what i wanted to do for a living.
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Greater Clark County schools have been great! I currently attend Jeffersonville high school and the programs there are wonderful, for example, the PRIDE program rewards any student with a variety of different prizes for good behavior.
Throughout my years in the Greater Clark County school system (more specifically Charlestown), I have really come to love it. Charlestown is a relatively small town and almost everyone knows each other. In all honesty, this has proven to be a blessing in disguise because you know someone will always have your back. I have been going to school here since pre-school, so I have actually grown up with a lot of my classmates. Also, most of the teachers in our schools graduated from the same high school they are teaching at so they are used to the atmosphere of that school. Another great thing is that all kids from each high school in the district get along well when we all attend certain field trips. We are all like one great big family in a sort of way. I has come to love Greater Clark County over the years and a part of me is sad that this is my senior year because it will be my last time attending a school in the district.
Greater Clark tries to keep students as safe and as educated as possible. I would like to see better communication from the admin to the students because when there is a disconnect students start to rebel. For example, backpacks are ban from the classroom. Students are frustrated because they are told it is a "safety hazard" but do not understand why it is a safety concern. If students were told why it is a safety hazard , they would understand.
Some of the teacher are very rude and treat the students terrible. you eat the same food everyday at lunch. The took away backpacks because of a few student that was bring illegal things to school.
I grew up in Greater Clark County schools,wwent to 2 elementary, 1 middle,and 1 highschool. I have learned alot from this school system that I will carry with me into the real world.I do wish the teacgers were a little more helpful and the classroom sizes were smaller because it is harder to work with 30 other kids in the classroom.The food is definately not where it should be amd it is undercooked sometimes.Despite these minor setbacks this school system has done so much for me and continues to help me grow and prospire as an adult.
Use of technology was far behind where it could be. The majority of teachers were wonderful and well trained and the administration was very experienced and helpful to students.
I love the opportunity they give to earn your Associate's degree while in high school. Also, the amount of AP and Honors classes offered are great. The chromebooks really helped while in school as well.
I would like to see teachers more involved with their students. Besides, that Jeffersonville High School prepared me very well for college. Among the many honors and AP classes I took, college was not much harder.
I grew up in the Greater Clark County school system. They have great academics and great curriculum. The teachers are amazing when it comes to students making sure each student has an equal chance of learning. All around great school district! They also don't leave children behind, they do what they have to make sure all students are successful!
I have been previously a proud student at Greater Clark County School Corporation, including the schools of Spring Hill Elementary, Maple Elementary, Parkview Middle School, and Jeffersonville High School class of 2015. In my 12 years of being apart of this amazing school district, I know that I have gotten the finest education a kid/young adult could receive. I was lucky, unlike most children, to gain respectable adults as mentors and now friends since I am a Alumni. I really value a few main educators that helped shaped me to the person I am now such as Mrs. Cater whom has been with me since first grade until graduation, Mr. Cleveland who I have met my last few years of high school who is AMAZING at the work he does, and my favorite Mrs. Brewer at Jeffersonville High School. Her confidence in my and my ability to achieve my senior year really helped prepare me for my college career. So yes, my experience with the GCCS has been remarkable, and I am a very proud alumni.
The teachers and staff was nice, however they were generally overworked, underpaid, and working with outdated curriculum/course materials.
Qualified teachers who want to see you succeed. I spent thirteen years in the greater Clark county school system and always felt safe and welcome.
I was a student in the greater clark county school program and I can say that it wasn't the worst experience. We all know how kids are when they are going through school and how we all dislike school with a passion but for me the teachers and the environment was something that allowed me to enjoy coming to school every other day. I enjoyed the staff in my schools tremendously because they just advocated to the masses of students that it would help us to come here and learn. They also just allowed e to ask questions when needed to and to be myself in terms of how I learned and how I held myself in public. I was in band and I am ere in college now to help spread the word of my past teachers who were my biggest inspirations.
I enjoy Greater Clark County Schools. The staff is excellent and they provide many opportunities to make the best of yourself. However, I do not like that the board tries to tell teachers how the students should take notes or the learning checks that teachers have to give.
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The abundance of AP classes available to me as a high school student seems very advantageous and a very unique opportunity for me.
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