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Greater Albany Public School District Reviews

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My experience with this school district has been great. Overall I like how good the education system is but there is a few things here and there that I would change. My favorite part about the school District is how inclusive it is towards race and cultures.
I’ve been a student at West Albany High School since I was a freshman and this year will be my third. So far the academics are good, but I feel as if it could be taught in better ways. The environment and people are very nice, but the school building is literally falling apart and I don’t believe that is safe. I think the school has good potential, it just needs a little more.
The school us really nice. The environment is really welcoming. I love to go there every single day. I hope to add on to my experience every day.
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Best studies and great sports combined with nice environment. Great teachers provided and the opportunituse provided are endless
I loved my time in the GAPS school district. I graduated in 2017 from West Albany High School, and I have a younger sister attending the school now. The school culture is absolutely beyond compare; the two rival schools came together multiple times for community support, and there are many opportunities to reach out and serve the city of Albany. The biggest area needed of needed improvement is quality of facilities. The schools were built in the 1950s, and the buildings have been updated only a few times after that. However, with the recent passing of a million-dollar bond in Albany, the buildings will likely be updated soon!
GAPS was a pretty good school district. I graduated from West Albany. They had very good college classes, and academically, they were pretty good. My biggest complaint is the emphasis they put on all the sports, especially football. But I from my understanding they've always been like this, putting sports above everything else.
Good teachers, decent school buildings, too much pressure to pass bonds to improve schools.

Would like to see them use their money more wisely.

Buy too many NEW buses. Wear out the old buses before they buy so many NEW ones.
South Albany High school has several clubs and sports that accommodates everyone's interests. The students at South Albany are also very supportive of each other. South Albany has recently gotten more college ready programs like AVID which is going school wide. South Albany has more AP classes for students because students are sighing up for AP classes and requesting new AP classes. Students have become more prepared and ready for college and more academic skills have been strengthened. Things that I think the school needs to improve on is getting students more hands on experiences to apply what they are learning to real life.
Greater Albany schools have great teachers and staff that care about their students, but the district could use some more funding.
I have been in the Greater Albany Public school district my whole education. I like everything about it other than the days they call off of school, like snow days. They never judge the weather right so we end up going to school when we shouldn't and staying home when we should. Also we do not have much new technology. Some departments have Ipads and others have chrome books but we hardly ever use them, at least at the high school level.
I came to the Greater Albany School District from another city last year, and the atmosphere here is much more welcoming. Staff members are more helpful and the counseling staff is much more involved. I feel more knowledgable about all of my college opportunities after attending this school.
I really enjoy the diversity in the school district and how there are so many more academic electives to choose from than in opposing schools i have attended. I wish that the school could have more funding to make improvements to the building itself, because it is a great school with great teachers but the building itself is too old and needs some work. The school is so supportive of its students and the teachers actually make an effort to connect with the students, and its really meaningful to have an adult role model outside of family that is determined to see us succeed.
I love the friendliness of everyone in the district. Everyone wants to make the student better people and get them ready for the real life!
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