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As someone who has been in Great Valley School District for 12 years, I will say this school is much better than others in the area. Once you sit down and think about the good aspects of GVHS, you become more grateful for being at such a district. The school is so diverse in many ways such as a diverse racial community, diverse group of people in the LGBTQ+ community... GVHS is always willing to accept other people. The teachers always make sure students feel welcome and make sure they understand the material being taught. As I get ready for college, the counselors help out with any planning and definitely deserve appreciation and recognition for being so amazing in the college readiness category. I believe there needs to be change to the awareness of bullying. Bullying is still prevelant at GVHS. Besides this, I have made many memories here and I hope GVSD stays this way for years to come.
My children go to Agora cyber charter school and it overall has been a positive move from traditional schooling to online public school option. They helped re-evaluate them for their IEP and have been helpful making sure they didn't fall through the cracks. I do think the children need more resource help and help transitioning. The admin for Agora is outstanding.
Great Valley School District helped me break out of my shell and helped me develop a multitude of skills and characteristics such as: leadership, citizenship, community activism, professional development and phenomenal study skills.
The schools constantly provided a safe learning environment in which bullying was not tolerated and counseling was accessible whenever students needed it. The teachers and faculty were also incredibly encouraging and served as great role models.
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very good school with great academic and athletic opportunities for students. There could be more diversity, as it being in a wealthier suburban area.
Great Valley is honestly a very put together school. They have amazing teachers as well as amazing sports and clubs. Some things I would like to see change are the treatment of the girls sports.
My experiences in high school were poor because the administration did not give me the help or support that I needed. I found the services I was looking for down the line when I got older, but the administration turned a blind eye to bullying, mental health issues, suicide in my class, drug abuse, sexual assault, and many other hardships that I and other students experienced.
Great Valley School District provides fantastic educational opportunities for its students along with a strong collection of really great teachers. My experience at Great Valley has been great as it has prepared me for college and given me the resources necessary to succeed.
The teachers at Great Valley are truly top notch and will take the time and effort to aid any student with any troubles they have. Not only this but they have wonderful counseling services available at all hours of the school day--Jane Trimble is a blessing. Great Valley High School provides students with rigorous curriculum that challenges them and improves their skills, especially in writing.
I love Great valley a lot. I have gone here my whole life and I’m sad to be leaving. My Mom and grandmother both went here and we all think Great Valley is the best. It has great teachers that really prepare you for college and great sports teams and coaches that make it very competitive in the Ches-mont league.
I love the teachers and staff at this school, but the school has terrible kids who misbehave and ruin it for the good kids! Also the school is more concerned about "education" than the safety of the students! Overall, the school is okay...
Great Valley provides many resources to its students. There are many rigorous courses to choose from as well as many clubs and after school activities. Most of the teachers want their students to succeed, and will willing work with students to help them grasp concepts.
Great Valley School District is absolutely incredible in terms of facilities, the caliber of teachers, and the academic excellence. However in terms of student culture there is a poor sense of unity and/or school pride. I wish the immense amount of red tape for starting clubs and extracurricular activities was less prevalent as well, but all in all, you can really make the most of it!
GVHS has extraordinary, intelligent and caring teachers.
I would like the school district to be more computer saavy with preparing the students for the technological world.
The teachers are amazing. They strive to make you succeed and make learning fun. The environment of the school is really great because of how accepting everyone is. We have amazing clubs, and sports teams and activities and everyone feels welcome.
Great Valley School District is a fantastic school district, from the elementary all the way thru the high school. Teachers are fantastic and genuinely care about the students. Programs and class selection is amazing. The principle, Mr Flick is awesome. He listened when you ralk to him and follows up on every question. Mr. Flick cates about the students and their families.
I am extremely happy with the school district.
This is an overall great school with smart students everywhere. It can seem very competitive as students strive to do their best, but most of the time the atmosphere is nice.
As a senior at Great Valley I am proud to say that I believe I am ready for college and for being responsible living on my own. There is a fairy wide variety of classes and clubs to partake in. Classmates are fairly diverse and accepting of others. The teachers are awesome they are able to connect well with the kids and are always there to listen to someone if there is a problem with workload or any issues at home.
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The Great Valley School District gave me some of the best times of my life and made me feel at home. No matter how much I convinced myself that graduation was going to be a fun event, it was more emotional and sad than fun.
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