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I would like to commend the GNSD on their investment in our children's education, facilities and staff. I am a product of this school district. Graduated, moved on, started a family, and moved back to raise our children. I specifically would like to commend their school safety and security program. My husband and I work in Law Enforcement, so we look to make sure our kids are safe when they enter the school buildings. We noticed one day Mr. Castro out there overseeing the morning arrivals. My husband introduced himself and shared some concerns with him. We started talking and walked away with a sense of calm. Mr. Castro explained to us the districts proactive security measures in place to help protect students and staff. He stressed that everyone must play a role as part of the security team, including our children. If you see something, say something !!!! Thank you GNSD!
Living in Great Neck my entire life, I think we have the best school district in the United States of America
The teachers area all very passionate and are there to help. The administration is very organized and respectful.
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A lot of resources and tax payer dollars go into Great Neck Public School District. A lot of funding are provided in order to make the school have all the opportunity and resources made available. The Great Neck school district is rated very high in the U.S. based on many reports.
It is the school of bureaucracy and deception. If you are new to Great Neck South High School, any opportunities that will help you to get into a good colleges such as research opportunities are NOT belong to you. The policy is very vague. My counselor always lies to me about whether the courses are full. He sometime told me the max number of students per class is 28, but when I asked the teacher who teaches that class, she told me the class is not full. Also, many classes are above 28 students. I don’t know the truth.
I like that Great Neck is a place with many wonderful people and good resources, especially the iPads they give out to students of Great Neck South Middle and High School. I would like to see more school spirit and diversity, however.
This school really cared about their students and help them succeed in the future. For instance, each teacher was aware of each student's needs and matched those needs for them to improve. There was never any judgment nor a lack of resources.
I have had a great experience with the Great Neck Public Schools over the 13 years I have been attending schools in the district. For kindergarten, I went to Parkville, for elementary school I went to E.M. Baker, for middle school I went to Great Neck North Middle School, and for high school I have been in Great Neck North High School. Let me just say that everything is amazing in these schools. I loved all of my teachers over the years, as they have really prepared me for my next step in life. I love the clubs and activities offered at the schools, as there are so many of them that the schools offer. Lastly, I love the schools’ environments, as they all have such a positive and supporting environment and help each student get through every day. As a result of these aspects of the district, I would highly recommend any Great Neck Public School for any family that is look for a new place to send their kids to school!
My expensive with great neck public schools prepared me for college. During my high school career, I was taught many advanced topics and ideas that reappeared in my college classes. This allowed to succeed in my college classes by having prior knowledge. The teachers are all amazing and really care about their students. High schools did a nice job of providing extra help after school which allow students to go over certain teachings they did not understand during class.
Great Neck Public Schools is a very kind district. As a student there, the teachers are very encouraging and so are the administrators. At Great Neck Public Schools, everyone has a place here. We are all treated equally by our teachers and friends. The teachers make sure you are not struggling with your grades and try to help you if you are. If you get a email saying you didn’t do your homework the teachers send it because they want you to grow into a more responsible person and help you to complete your homework. Great Neck Public Schools is such a great school because if you cannot afford to pay for your child’s field trip the school will help you get the money together. Not only do they treat kids with kindness but they also soothe you financial stress.
Very great school district. High quality education with very highly professionals teachers. My children were well received and excited about their new schools
The teachers in this school generally are on the nicer, warmer side, however there are exceptions like my freshman year English teacher, who regularly assumed my tone of voice differently to what was intended.

Most of the academic progress arts wise is in North, with the science and math going on at the more rigorous South school.
Great Neck Public Schools has given me as well as hundreds of other students an amazing education and a perfect set up to further our educations by attending college. Through the Great Neck Public Schools, many have been able to receive help financially, physically, and mentally. Students and teachers are able to work together and form a fun and efficient learning environment. The reason I have given it only 4 stars while it has brought so much joy to me is that like every other school district, there will always be room to change and grow and time continues. And as new ideas form, the committees take those ideas and help to develop them into new school programs. I have found a passion for learning a variety of different subjects from graphic design to economics through the knowledge and care of my teachers that have taken the time to re-explain ideas to me.
Teachers are great. No A/C and food is pretty bad. The environment is overwhelmingly asian, which plays into it’s competitive academic environment. SAT scores, ACT scores, and so forth are all
The Great Neck Public school system has always provided me with great resources to educate me to my fullest potential. It has provided me with excellent teachers that have been caring and easily accessible. The environment for learning has always been safe and conducive to learning. Not only for me but others find it to be one of the best school districts around.
Great teachers and great resources. To have friends you most get in to a group of people to have friends.Food is bad but they do bring in from a pizza place every day. Mostly Jewish kids
Excellent teachers, lots of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities and fantastic school spirit. Love GNSH!
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i would like to see more social help from the school psychologist or guidance counselor. more help for students that have trouble socially with other students or friends.
The buildings are modern. The teachers are very nice. Teachers care about the students safety. Everyone is social. Each person is in their own social group. No bullying in the school.
A lot of resources. Great Neck has a lot of great teachers. The education is great. Very advanced technology
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