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Great Neck Public Schools Reviews

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Teachers are great. No A/C and food is pretty bad. The environment is overwhelmingly asian, which plays into it’s competitive academic environment. SAT scores, ACT scores, and so forth are all
The Great Neck Public school system has always provided me with great resources to educate me to my fullest potential. It has provided me with excellent teachers that have been caring and easily accessible. The environment for learning has always been safe and conducive to learning. Not only for me but others find it to be one of the best school districts around.
Great teachers and great resources. To have friends you most get in to a group of people to have friends.Food is bad but they do bring in from a pizza place every day. Mostly Jewish kids
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Excellent teachers, lots of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities and fantastic school spirit. Love GNSH!
i would like to see more social help from the school psychologist or guidance counselor. more help for students that have trouble socially with other students or friends.
The buildings are modern. The teachers are very nice. Teachers care about the students safety. Everyone is social. Each person is in their own social group. No bullying in the school.
A lot of resources. Great Neck has a lot of great teachers. The education is great. Very advanced technology
It is an extremely competitive and academically oriented school district. The district has nearly every resource possible and is neatly organized.
The school district is insanely attractive, is diverse and easy to fit in. All different types of people are in this district, and no matter where you land you'll find a way to enjoy yourself if you attend this school district. Being a student here for 7 years has allowed for so much growth in knowledge and sociability. Teachers are amazing, courses and opportunities are even better. Even though there are multiple cultures and sometimes they clash, everything will work its way out.
The Great Neck Public School District is one of the best school districts in the country. Every school has great resources, support, and opportunities for all kinds of students, including sports, ESL programs. music, speech, reading, and math support, etc.
All my children have passed through these schools. The teachers are ones who truly care about their students success. Each building is as clean as it can be, and the landscape is as beautiful as a college campus. I felt a sense of peace when dropping off and leaving my children at school. Security is tight. They assist with the morning traffic. To enter the building was a pain having to always have ID, but I quickly learned it was for the protection of All. Thank You All !!!
Going to any Great neck public school is excellent and has great education. Having gone to Great Neck South High School the academic is amazing at this school. All teachers and overall the school have such a passionate and dedication to teaching something new every day and giving the help students need. This school has such a wide variety of activities, sports, clubs, and extra curriculum for students after hours or during. Many teachers stayed after hours if students needed extra help or even during school hours help was always available. I will always recommend kids to go to this school!
An amazing school that provides many resources for success. Many students are personally motivated to do incredibly well, providing for an atmosphere of success albeit competition.
I loved my time in the Great Neck public school system. Teachers stayed after school hours to help students who had questions, were free by email and during lunch periods. You can really tell how much teachers here hope that you succeed.
It's really great, but extremely racially biased. I enjoy my learning there and the teachers are extremely helpful.
This school has great teachers and a great student body. It has an academic atmosphere that pressures students to want to achieve good grades. For some, this beneficial, for others, it might affect their self esteem.
Very good school! I would recommend every student to consider going to this school. My kids really enjoy participating in athlete clubs and after school activities.
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Great Neck Public schools are really good education wise, but there is a lack of diversity and bullying that goes unnoticed in some cases.
Great Neck Sough High School is an amazing academic, atheletic, and overall a pleasureable school. This school has great well prepared staff that have a passion and dedication for us students to give us something to learn each day. Aside from this, there is a huge variety of activities that the school provides as well as extra cirriculum help is always offered!
I liked the accessibility to experienced teachers who were readily available to help. I also has many great opportunities in my school through clubs, sports, and theater. The school was also a great environment to thrive academically
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