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Great Hearts is a classical learning school and the amount of hard work is also good for the student because it prepares them for college
Our daughters are scholars at the new Forest Heights location and we are truly blessed to be a part of this campus and under the leadership and direction of Headmaster Doughty! He really sets the pace of this school and the presence of male leadership is beautifully balanced with female leadership and staff! We will stay with this school and it’s team!
Excellent school. Great Hearts teachers are very dedicated to implementing their rigorous high school program and helping students maintain the “Great-Hearted” culture that they know the students need.
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I love being a student at their Northern Oaks campus. The teachers truly and deeply care for me and my classmates, as well as their co-workers. If I could change anything, it would be to have more schools around the world.
The workload for each grade is such that by the time we graduate, we will be thoroughly prepared for college.
I'll go on further about my teachers. We have teachers of various generations, but most of them have around three years of experience. It is very easy to tell that they have an avid passion for their subject, and every class period is engaging, planned (for the most part), and educational.
Lastly, the quality of our sports programs is impeccable. We not only focus on the sport itself, but also sportsmanship and character. P.E. is not tag. It's core workouts, mile runs, and in-class discussions on virtue and the works of Josef Pieper.
The curriculum is fantastic. It’s focus on the liberal arts does not at all extract from the math and science departments. The faculty is amazing: very involved and very personal and very involved with every student. The sports programs are very good, with great coaches and great team values and work ethics. At this school they make sure you actually work and are invested in what you’re doing. You have to care. The student culture is almost unrealistically ideal in many many ways.
The Great Hearts Academies in San Antonio have a very rigorous curriculum and the teachers guide you into being the best you you can be. Teacher you leadership through the way you act as a person.
Incredibly rigorous and challenging. I feel I'm beyond prepared for college. The teachers are well chosen, often masters of their subject, educated in their field first and then in teaching. This is better than teachers who go to school to be teachers because mine have a passion for the subject the teach and it allows them to teach it better than if they didn't.
It was such a great experience learning such advanced material. I hope that others are able to come have the same experience.
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