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I absolutely love the teachers at Great Falls High and how they try to, not only teach you, but connect with your personal life too.
I loved the amazing school spirit that everyone in the school has. I remember the crowded pep rallies, the loud Bison chant, and the waves of blue and white that you would see at every game. If I could change one thing about the school, I would change the way that punishments are handled. I feel like there needs to be more consequences in that school as I saw very laid back actions when it came to taking responsibility.
Great Falls High school provides many opportunities for dual credit and advanced placement courses. Teachers are fairly interested in student success and will often work with students to ensure said success.
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I went to Paris Gibson Education Center. It’s different from the other high schools in Great Falls; Paris actually listens to the students and makes accommodations for them. I didn’t feel like my needs would be met until I attended Paris. They let me ease into school instead of jumping right in, the thing that had caused me to isolate myself from school before. Because of Paris, I’m graduating high school in 2 years instead of 4.

My ratings are towards Paris. I can’t speak for the other two high schools, but Paris wasn’t an option.
GFPS high schools prepare students well for any future goals while providing them the opportunity to learn in the classroom and beyond. As a current student I have been able to go on to 5 job shadows, an internship, take 2 dual credit courses and become CNA Certified. The teachers and staff I get to work with have truly impacted my education and will have a lasting positive influence on the person I become.
Great Falls High is an historic building, and it is beautiful. The staff is dedicated to the students and strives to offer the best education possible. Unfortunately, funding is becoming more of an issue and staff reductions is affecting learning.
I love the teachers and other staff, they are nice and try to work with every student. I don't much care for the students, they are rude often and a bit disrespectful. I wish that the school would give more money or time to classes that are not sports realted.the teachers try to work with students when they need it and really work hard to get every student to graduate. I've realized over the years that this school cares about its students and about the life they will live after high school. Our school is full of bison pride and I have loved spending my last four years at great falls high.
While my education was plentiful, the politics in the school were not suitable. Many teachers forced their political views on the students, and even punished then for disagreeing.
For the most part, everyone is so welcoming and wonderful. The extra curriculars are always a blast, and I love how everyone is so immersed in school spirit, especially around big events like homecoming and state championships. I just wish there was more support towards the arts programs, but that is my only complaint regarding this school.
Great falls high school has been a wonderful place for me to learn and grow. There Andre so many nice people and a lovely learning enviroment. I'll admit that not everyone there is amazing but for the most part my high school life has not been terrible. I'd like to see a small change in not only great falls high but with all high schools. It is not all very popular opinion but I feel that the sports part school needs to get out of the spotlight. They are for the most part the only part of school thay is never allffected by anything where the arts and other similar classes allffected enviroment constantly downgraded.
Most of the staff and students are nice people. There Is A Lot To Do And And A Great Amount Of Fun To Be had. There are however some people that an be rude, there is deffienetly a system where if yoy are in are sport you are better than everyone else. I would like to see that changed.
I loved the Great Falls High school district because it was like being apart of a family. There wasn't any of the stereotypical high school drama or "cliquiness". Everyone was inclusive and committed to succeeding. There was equal importance between academic and athletics in the Great Falls District. As was there with outside clubs and groups committed to improving the community around them. Great Falls High School District wanted to help its town and community just as much as its students.
Awesome and amazing school with caring teachers and staff. The teachers want to see you succeed and meet your post high school goals. The willingness of the staff to help before,during and after classes and the caring atmosphere make this a terrific school.
I have had a rather extraordinary experience in the Great Falls Public Schools District. I have enjoyed my time in Great Falls schools, and have had the pleasure of learning from incredible educators. Not only are many teachers in Great Falls dedicated to helping their students succeed, but they aren't afraid of building mutually beneficial, close relationships with their students in order to help them acheive their full potential.
Great schools the work hard to give every student the ability to succeed. There are so many opportunities no matter what your interest or abilities are. Great place to explore you options
I had a great experience at Great Falls High. I think a major contribution to my experience was the teachers and staff. The teachers were very helpful when I struggled and they were also very encouraging.
I started at Great Falls High School with an open mind and a welcoming bison family built on tradition. The school was founded in 1890 as the city's first high school. The original building was constructed in 1896 and after 1930's renovations, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places March of 2013. I began my high school career 2013-14 and instantly saw the current teachers and administration cherish the history of the school and pass that respect to each student. I have been devoted to as many art classes as possible and each year the instructor made it a high priority for that years class to donate a collaborative work of art to the school. In my junior and senior year i have had the honor to create ceramic tiles to surround a previously donated bronze bison, leaving a beautiful accent to a historic place that its alumni, surrounding communities and the sate recognizes as one of its most traditional sites.
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This site was super easy to use but it did have a lot of ads that led you to different sites which is a tad confusing.
I loved gfhs it was very welcoming and excepting. Everyone got along great and had fun. The teachers really cared about me and my education, even the principal cared. Every Wednesday morning she attended our rugby club meetings just because she was interested in our club and the students involved.
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