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I have attended Grayson County High School for four years now. The school is not diverse at all although this could be due to the location and population number. This is because we live is a very small town in southwestern Virginia. The administration has been improved dramatically, but still needs help. Most students aren't given the help or resources they need to have a successful college career. The students given the opportunity to enroll in the Associates Degree program through Wytheville Community College are treated much better and have better access to resources we need for beginning college.
Grayson County High is a small school. The students and staff, however, have big hearts. They work together to help each other. This is hard when the school budget gets smaller and smaller. Programs are cut each year. Parents often have to find other resources for their children. The reason we stay, the people, the calmness, the "at home" feeling.
I would love to give this school 5 stars, and a month ago I would have. The school provides great academic programs for every student. The teachers here care deeply about their students and strive to see them succeed. Most of the time, the students are very kind, but there is a lot of bullying that the administrators will not take care of. The bullying consists of not only other students, but at times teachers will be bullied either by students or their coworkers. That needs to be stopped, or at least tried to be stopped. They have recently improved the schools outward experience, and it is starting to look really good. The guidance staff and teachers are always there to help with anything the students might need, I will definitely give them a 5 star. The principals are very nice too. They could be a little nicer when former students who have recently graduated, that same year, come to talk to a teacher or guidance member.
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Small community and it easy to get to know your teachers and friends. Up until last year we didn't have enough structure and some classes were just allowed to be "free", making it difficult to learn. The teachers are great and very willing to help when you need it. The community is very involved with the students.
Very helpful and knowledgable teachers, kind and very student-freindly enviroment. Mostly clean, and well taken care of facilities.
Something I would like to change about Grayson County Public schools is the lack of enthusiasm towards serious issues. We have had many incidents of bullying that the school has been aware of and they have elected to do nothing about it. I personally went through some rough experiences here and I wish they would have chosen to do something about, but sadly nothing happened to help the situation. There are a few teachers that do genuinely care about their students and try to change what happens, but they can only go so far.
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