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Grayson County Public Schools Reviews

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Grayson County High School in Leitchfield, Kentucky serves about 1400 students from 9-12th grade. A wide variety of classes are offered from standard level, to honors, to AP, and Dual Credit. Many good teachers are willing to help students learn and reach their full potential.
Needs a better lunch menu some of the food looked like it wasn’t completely cooked and was very soggy but other than that everything else was fantastic. The teachers did their best to help us with any and everything, for some people that meant personal life’s. The teachers have went above and beyond for the students that they had, even the students they never even had in class or only had for one day then the student got moved to a different class.
Like most school systems, Grayson County allows bullying. The high school there has a cockroach problem and a bedbug problem. The bathrooms are never cleaned and walking in there I saw fecal matter sprayed on the walls. Many students say that it stays like that. Very few opportunities and little to no experience in teachers. It almost seems as if the students are only animals to them. Not to mention, I tried the lunches and honestly, prison lunches are much more nutritious and tasteful. Teachers also bully their students. Grayson County sucks.
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The schools have very good teachers but everything else is poor. The food is usually not cooked all the way and there is ice in milk cartons. There is not much diversity and we have good resources.
I am unsatisfied with Grayson County Schools because of the lack of opportunities. When talking to students from other school districts, I quickly realized the lack of opportunities at Grayson County Schools.
Overall, I am very impressed with the system. Employees are fair and friendly. Too much emphasis is placed on testing, however, rather than actual student learning. Teaching the test might be what the state wants, but not what the students need or what the parents want. Staff work hard to form relationships with students and all are treated kindly and equitable. Technology and art education is a bit lacking. Sports are important.
Grayson County Schools are dedicated to their students and strive to improve the education process. We have been rated "Distinguished" for the past two years. Great emphasis is put on being college and career ready by graduation.
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