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Grayslake Community High School District No. 127 Reviews

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I loved my experience at Grayslake central it was a very comforting and homey school and the teachers give an amazing experience.
If you find the right friends who influence for good and don’t create drama then the high school experience will be great. Be involved that’s the best way to make friends
My experience at GCHS was great. I felt very comfortable at the school and safe. Being there felt very good knowing that it was a safe and full of great students there. One thing that I loved from this school was how good the academics were and how challenging they were as well.
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I wouldn't consider my school much better or worse than any other I just have love for the town that I grew up in so I like it.
At Grayslake Central High School I enjoyed seeing the drive my teachers had to see us be successful in our classes. In my four years at this high school I have created a strong bond with many of my teachers due to their qualities of being friendly and caring. In the future, I hope to see improvements with the blendED learning that was newly introduced into our school this year.
Grayslake North has been a great experience. From the teachers, coaches, trainers and staff, it really is a family. The different courses available gives each student the chance to explore new things. There are so many clubs and activities that make getting involved outside of the classroom very easy.
The teachers made it important to create a bond with each student and this helped in the learning process. It was nice to have a community of people that could be trusted and counted on if needbe
My son had a great experience as distinct 127. He was enrolled in many AP classes, participated in soccer, and various clubs. The staff is knowledgeable and supportive. He was given the opportunity to become a leader in many situations throughout his career at Grayslake Central High School. He feels very prepared for the next 4 years at a college or University.
Vast majority of teachers genuinely want to see all of their students succeed and staff provide many resources to help students out. Tons of accelerated learning opportunities within a very safe and welcoming environment. There's also a strong sense of community between students, staff, and the town.
Overall GCHS is a great high school. I was able to excel in many things during my time in GCHS. The staff, faculty, and administrators were very welcoming and supportive and always wanted the best for their students.
A very good school district academically that has grown quite a bit in recent years. They offer a wide variety of classes and organizations for students to partake in.
As a parent, I feel that GCHS offers a challenging curriculum and great extracurricular activities. It’s a healthy community that offers many programs to students but doesn’t pressure them.
I am a Senior who attends Grayslake Central High School, one of the two District 127 High Schools, and my experience at Grayslake Central has been a great one. I've had an excellent experience learning with phenomenal teachers that help get us ready for college with class content and work load. Besides the academics, Grayslake Central is a very welcoming and open environment that allows students to become the person they want to be with plenty of opportunities to find success and meet new people to build bonds with. I am proud to say I attend Grayslake Central and would recommend anyone who is planning to move in to our community to check our school out because it is a great place to grow and learn.
Over the course of my four years the administration has changed a lot. The teachers are incredible but higher up faculty should definitely listen to students more.
Grayslake is a fantastic community where teachers care about their students from the dean all the way down to the counselors to the gym teacher to the lunch lady. They get to know each individual child, they spend one-on-one time with them and they really get involved in their education in their growth
My experience in the Grayslake school district had been very positive. I know that I have received a good education and feel very prepared for college. The schools could be improved by allowing trans student to change in the locker rooms the prefer, but overall the school is accepting of all people.
Grayslake North High School had many good aspects to its experience and very little negative ones. The music program is run very well. Dr. Edstrand is one of the best music teachers I have had in my seven years as a musician. She manages to keep upwards of two hundred rowdy band members in line while still making time to give students one on one help. The sports programs at our school are also exemplary. The coaches offer insight to their respective sports and push athletes to better themselves. At the same time they manage to maintain a heavy emphasis on academics as the top priority for student athletes.
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My school is committed to academics. However, it still is a high school, meaning the students have other priorities.
Overall, a very good school. Great academics and school culture, but the sports departments are rather lacking. To counter that shortcoming, the arts and music departments are well funded and a pleasure to be in.
Grayslake Central has an amazing set of teachers, and the students thrive off of that and are able to become very successful academically. Every effort has been made to encourage students to challenge themselves by taking Honors and AP classes. As a student I feel very safe at this school, and have never really seen anything that gives cause for concern. The only thing that could be better is the help given to students to help them understand the move to college. When I was a junior, I felt that I lacked a lot of information about the transition. While we were given things like financial aid seminars, I felt the school could have gone beyond that to explain the entire process, so students and families who were experiencing this for the first time knew what to expect beyond FAFSA. Overall though, a great school with a great environment to become successful in. The school's staff genuinely want to help the students be the best they can be, both academically and in the community.
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