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Gravette places to0 big of a value on the sports and sometimes forgets to appreciate the accomplishments of students on the academic side.
My four children have attended Gravette schools for 4 years and we all love the school, the teachers and the small town committee feel. The classes offered are much like one of the Big 4 schools in NWA without the over crowding and issues the huge schools have. I also feel my kids have the chance to stand out and they get to play sports without the pressure of having to be an all star athlete to get field time.
We have great teachers and faculty, but we also have very mean students and to be honest out Teachers and faculty don’t like to deal with “High School Drama.” Our discipline system needs some upgrading for sure. And school lunches are diabolical. I have never see schools serve their students so poorly.
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I couldn't see myself at any other high school. The teachers were great they all were willing to take time out of their day to help the students.
I absolutely love Gravette School District. The teachers here are beyond amazing and they've helped me grow in so many ways.
My whole school life has been at Gravette Pre-K through Senior. A lot has changed since I first started school they changed for the better. I have always had great teachers and staff at the school. We are a small town school but can compete with the larger school academies and sports. The teachers really care for their students and help them out of school also.
Gravette is a very welcoming school, they do their best to involve everyone in everything. Some students have horrible attitude along with some of the teachers, but you can really tell who wants to be there and it makes the experience more enjoyable.
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