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The junior and senior guidance counselors have been outstanding in communicating what parents and students need to do in order to become college ready. I think my children have received a quality education while at Graves County High School. There are many opportunities for students to discover what they are interested in. This helps them determine what major and career field they want to enter prior to graduating. At Graves County my children have many teachers who care about not only their grades but them ad individuals as well.
Excellent range of academic opportunities, good facilities, great teachers. GC prepared me very well for college and beyond.
I went to Graves County middle school and high school. I left Graves County high school half way through my freshman year to be homeschooled. Graves needs teachers who actually care about their students and are willing to help their students to reach their goals. Going to Graves it felt like nobody cared and all they wanted was more students for more money. My teachers were terrible and didn't care about their students. If one student was a problem then the whole class was a problem. I've even been held after class so long I missed my bus and they didn't care. The school will balme you or your parents before they point fingers at a teacher.
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It provided excellent education along with several opportunities for advanced learning and had many extracurricular activities available.
Graves County Public Schools' mission is to provide an educational program focused on academic excellence and student mastery of knowledge and skills needed for lifelong learning, social well-being, and active, responsible citizenship.
I like the teachers and staff they are really great and very helpful. I like the enviroment I feel safe because we have someone there who keeps the school in check. I feel that since I've moved to Graves County High school that it is one of the best decisions I've made my academics have improved.
Graves County was a pretty good experience overall. There were plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.
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