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Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District Reviews

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When people who do not attend gcisd assume we are all just rich kids that go to a rich district. Yes the district has more money compared to other districts but they also donate a lot of money but honestly they could put the money into things around the school and not just the athletic department. I feel that GCISD main focus is athletics and not so much the actual education in my opinion, other than that overall I think the district is well maintained and is doing good in what they do.
I liked the friendly teachers and the clubs and sports the best. Our school was oriented around sports and hobbies but I am not sure there was enough emphasis on school. There was good academics but they were not quite enough to prepare for college, although I am not sure how they could improve.
At Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District, I enjoy the variety of classes that are offered and the amount of independence the students have.
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The district was not a good one. Lies were in place to keep you attending the district but never followed through. We spent millions of dollars on our football stadium, and new indoor stadiums- while our campuses leaked during little rain. Administration did not care about teachers or students just there pay check. Teachers tried but majority of the time, they were not qualified to teach the class they had.
GCISD is concerned about the development and success of all students. LEAD 2021
Was implemented to help students not only get ready for college, but the career world after that by helping us become global citizens.
I loved the sense of involvement that GCISD offered to all students. There was always a new club for someone to be involved in and copious amounts of opportunities were offered to be recognized. GCISD staff did a great job at helping students find themselves and who they want to be in life and for that, I am beyond thankful.
Excellent programs and attentive teachers and staff. Intervention, when needed, is addressed early and actively.
GCISD provides a lively community replete of diversity and tradition. Sports and academics bring students and teachers together in a dedicated and wholesome pursuit of greatness. The school districts has great facilities and an amazing football stadium. You can’t go wrong with a school district that is all about their students.
I personally think that the schools are great and the teachers are nice and helpful, there many clubs and activities to do.
I transferred to the district and I have loved my experience so much. Teachers, administrators, and students are all so friendly.
I attended Grapevine-Colleyville schools from Kindergarten to Senior year. I have extremely fond memories of my kind elementary school teachers who provided a fun and safe environment. The quality of teachers did not go down as the years went on. Instead, I noticed that the older I got, the more personable and friendly they were. I feel comfortable around them and can trust them with my problems.
The school buildings are not brand new, but they are fine. I never had any serious complaints about weird leaks or cracked windows. We once had a rat problem, which was very gross, but I never saw any and it was resolved quickly.
I do feel prepared for college as Grapevine High School offers a wide variety of AP courses. Throughout High School, I have taken 14 AP classes which my college accepts credits for.
My only complaint about GCISD is that the classes that are offered as Career trials (Engineering 1, Child Development, etc) did not seem to be truly a taste of the future.
I would highly recommend you enroll you kid/kids in this district. They helped me learn all I need to succeed in all areas of my life.
The traditions that Grapevine-Colleyville holds is incredible. I’ve had a lot of fun to be apart of it. They could use a few more teachers at both schools.
I am a senior currently at Grapevine High. I have been in the district for 7 years, and I love it. The administration is WAY too overbearing, and the students have little to no voice, but other than that I have had a great experience. The money and availability of resources to the schools that the district acquires makes the education and experience good, but again, the admin is too controlling especially in a digital age like the present.
My son's school has great academics, teachers, and staff. The counselors are great and ready to help with any questions I have. I feel my son is ready for college.
I just graduated from grapevine high school and it was a good experince and its a very good school !
The teachers at GHS truly care about their students. Over the 4 year I've spent there I have had tremendous help and encouragement by nearly all my teachers. The staff at GHS know to prepare their students for college.
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I only Went to Public school in Middle school but what I've Herd from friends is that its not the safest place but they have a wide range of activitys.
I love the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District. The teachers have high expectations for their students. The schools are run in a productive manor.
GCISD is full of tradition and the district is always keeping all of the schools clean and up to date with todays technology, however I do wish they would put less focus on the athletics.
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