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Granville Exempted Village School District Reviews

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Overall it is a good school with a great academic program and teachers that care about their students. They stress college readiness and safety as high on their priority list.
I have attended Granville Exempted Village School District since Kindergarten. I am extremely happy with the education I received. I have been able to maintain very good grades while participating in school sports and activities. The community is also outstanding.
One of the best things about Granville Exempted Village School District was how close knit everyone was, this is because the size of the school. If anyone was facing some type of adversity the entire school was there backing them up and supporting them. This was also one of the downfalls of the school. Being that it was so small everyone knew everything about everyone and if you made a mistake it was known by everyone very fast and you were given a nickname just as fast.
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Granville had appropriately challenging coursework and lots of college prep. It was easy to get most needs met in the classroom. A lot of the sports teams, clubs, and extracurricular activities were very supportive of each other. There wasn't much physical bullying, although not much was done to help end or prevent other types of bullying.
Granville was a great place to go to school as it really prepared me for college. There was a lot of work throughout the years but it made for an easy transition.
The academic rigor is great and prepares students very well for higher education. The teaching staff is great. However, the administration sometimes lacks communication skills to effectively collaborate with students.
Granville provides excellent academics and does well for college prep, but there’s not much school spirit. The social climate is very exclusive rather than inclusive. The district has tried so hard to combat the competitiveness in academics that now the students just feel like numbers even though this is a relatively small school.
Granville is a great place for those who wish to be pushed academically, however it is a tough place to be socially. It has the incredibly pressured atmosphere typical of a higher education facility and much of the student population is cynical of the administration and methods said administration uses to enforce and educate, and school spirit is pretty under average. However you will learn a lot and come out very prepared for college with strong values and the preparation to be challenged and face conflict. Overall a good place if you can deal with the pressure.
We had a close-knit relationship with our teachers, coachers, and school administration. The average ACT and SAT scores are incredibly high. Our public school is without a doubt one of the best in the state, even if people do not list it as being such. I go to a rigorous state school and have been able to maintain a 3.9 GPA in college as a result of the prep I received from Granville schools.
Overall, Granville Schools has aided me immensely in furthering my academic, athletic, and social life as a high school student. I moved to Granville in the middle of 8th grade and I have been challenged and taken out of my comfort zone throughout high school in Granville. The preparation for college is helpful, and I have some wonderful teachers who want to see me succeed and will help me get there.
I feel very prepared for college however the lack of diversity in the student body is not ideal and many students have an overall lack of care for the school.
Granville is very rigorous in terms of academics and really prepares its students for college or higher education. We have amazing teachers that really care about their students, and overall it is an amazing learning environment.
It has a great academic course that prepares their students for college and for career choices they might wish to pursue. It provides many clubs/activities for any student willing to join them. It also has great performing arts courses that are very well funded. It provides many opportunities for sports also and allows any individual to get involved in the community
Wishing they would focus more on introducing diversity. Granville School district has a huge focus on college readiness and academic achievement, and throughout my experience, I frequently felt that the students mental health and personal wellbeing were put on the back-burner. While college prep and educational excellence are very important, so is the mental health of the students and Granville doesn't offer compensation for both.
Thanks to a constant communication and collaboration between parents, teachers and school staff, I feel that both my son and my daughter are well prepared for a successful adult life.
Granville Exempted School district was committed to the growth and education of its students however it applied unnecessary stress to them. If there was a week that I only had one exam and one paper then it was considered a relaxing week.
An amazing education in a very nice town. The people are a little tough to be around sometimes but the teachers and the lessons were great and perfect for getting students ready for college
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Granville High school is an amazing school and has prepared me well for college. Granville has met and exceeded my goals on every level, from academics to sports, clubs. A group of my peers and I played in integral part in getting township land recognized as a land lab and is nationally recognized. Insuring that the eco system that we get to study every day will allow us decades of studying and allows our natural habitat in Granville to remain a living, growing piece of our hometown.
Granville has been a wonderful place to attend academically, but the fine arts programs they maintain are what I really love about the school. There is a huge emphasis on the band, choir and orchestra programs. The teachers strive for success and the students bound toward it, constantly challenging themselves and one another to make everyone better musicians. The drama department is another reason I love the school. Being the president of the Drama Club myself I am somewhat obligated to say that, but no truth is taken from the statement. It is a very inclusive environment, one that is constantly kept fun and engaging for all who wish to participate.
The academics were very hard with too much homework. So I would have liked it better with less homework. The socioeconomic status of many families are wealthy making it difficult to connect or blend in when your family is not wealthy. The athletic program and clubs were great, making the whole experience easier to deal with.
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