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The entire district is evolving as a whole due to the new commissioner. These changes are making the schools safer, smarter, and more reliable
This school district is fantastic ! The teachers are understanding and go with your paste on assignments and other school work. They offer us tutors and even after school if its needed.
My school is old but we have Viking pride! There is a limited amount of clubs and activities at South Granville. As a student athlete I can tell you only the "winning" sports are given financial backing. Football, baseball, and softball get anything they want. Soccer has old uniforms with a limited number of mediums. Some of the players were a small but the smaller we have are medium. We have to roll the shorts up and hope they don't fall down.
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My elementary school experience in Granville County Schools was very good. The teachers seemed attentive, caring, and maintained control of the class. Middle School was not similar. Students were disrespectful to the point of disruption. I have had a very positive experience in high school. Granville Early College High School is a safe school focused on academic achievement and success.
Teacher in Granville County schools are very interested in seeing you grow academically as well as the person you want to be. They give us the tools to grow independently but also help us along the way. If I could see a change in these school it would be to have more information secession for first generation college students. The transition for high school to college can be intimidating and just guiding and showing a person how to navigate through it could make a big difference and hopefully encourage more students to go to college.
I liked the Early College program, yet during my first two years I was at a Magnet school which was closed during my Sophomore year.
Most of the teachers are great; they want you to succeed. For the community activists are wondering. I would like our school(my school overall) to be able to have more money to do things and help students
it's a bit overloaded with students and very little classes to choose from, the teachers are alright, most of the students are fine, except for some who do not like to talk to anybody.
My first year at Granville Central high school has been an interesting one. The academics are great with diverse courses you can take like engineering classes to regular English classes. AP and honors courses are readily available and also have a unique range. Sports for the school is not the best but it does seem to be growing and getting better. The teachers are amazing and very open, welcoming, and helpful. The students are diverse but can become aggressive and get into fights like a regular high school. The school is generally new so it is nice and usually pretty clean. Overall, GCHS is a great and welcoming school.
In the future I would like to see change teachers teaching methods. Also I'm more stronger bond with the kids at least it is essential to build a strong educational relationship with the student. The bases of homework change as things are going to be on the test or the quiz relate back to the homework
Overall my experience has been good, but could have better. School resources could be better. For example, some schools lack textbooks for all of its students.
A few things I liked about Granville County Schools was the diversity and the administration. A few things I did not like about Granville County Schools was the facilities.
The schools are alright, it depends on which one you go to depending on your level of learning. Some courses might be too hard and others might be too easy.
Overall my experience with Granville County schools has not been bad. I like how every student has fair and equal opportunities. What I would like to see changed is the teachers. There are a lot of teachers who are just plain rude to students and do not care about them.
I like the teachers at Granville Central High School, they are very focused on preparing and teaching their students for future use. However, the limited resources limit the teaching they could provide. The lack of clubs and activities could be detrimental to a college application, and the future of granville county students.
I like that it is getting more diverse and there are more opportunities in high school to get a boost besides AP classes, and the addition of the online classes is fantastic! It really gives students a chance to pursue college classes as well to get prepared for a four-year college or university. I think however the "no bullying" policy needs to be revamped. It actually causes more bullying due to the belief that "no bullying is occurring" and they are discriminatory against marginalized students such as students of color, disabled students, mentally ill students, chronically ill students, LGBT+ students, poor students, etc.
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