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Grants Pass School District Reviews

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Grants Pass High School offers great programs to prepare you for college, getting a job, and establishing your interests. The teachers motivated me to work hard and everyone was super friendly there. However, as an Asian, I was treated differently and a bit harsh by other students in my class. I would like to see more diversity, but it makes sense since Grants Pass is such a small town.
Teachers were extremely helpful. I went through some health issues and ended up missing a lot of school, and the teachers never gave up on me. They took time out of their day to help me catch up and made sure I understood material.
I love all the teachers that help me feel like I belong there and the Avid program that they have. The education is good, and the teachers are fun there which makes the learning fun as well.
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I have been in the grants pass school district since I was in kindergarten. I am now in high school and I enjoy it. The one thing I would have to complain about is I feel like some teachers don’t really care about me pearsonaly. However I have had a hand full of amazing teachers who I love. I am very involved in sports and activities and I find that grants pass high school works very well with student activities.
I feel that the school is a good inviroment with tons of electives and after school activities and clubs to join.
They care about their students more than most schools I have seen. There are constant big changes and that can hurt some students.
Grants pass has the best teachers and staff. I also love what they teach in every class. The only thing I don't like is the food at Grants pass high.
There is an abundance of AP classes available for students. The community and faculty members are supportive of your goals. They try hard to ensure every incoming student is aware of the opportunities they have and the opportunities they should take. Plenty of extracurricular activities. Overall, a great school. More college preparation classes or SAT/ACT readiness classes would be good. A student could definitely utilize the paths at GP and make not only a wonderful high school experience, but if they do not pursue it then it will not be as great.
When I was in the school district they pushed sports and physical activities more than the arts or even regular classes. I wish they had better "life training" classes, such as automotive and sewing. The music program was one of the bests and the theater and arts provided a balanced education in 2010.
I attended school within Grants Pass School District from grades 1-5 and 7-12. Overall, it was a good experience for me. The only thing I'd suggest is trying to create a more diverse atmosphere.
The teachers are great and options of classes are endless, which I love! And the schedule of the school is really nice because we can have a period of time to go to class we need extra time in. I would definitely recommend this school!
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