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Grants-Cibola County Schools Reviews

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It is a small, student oriented school district where they try to take what the students want when making ginormous decisions.
Being in a small, tight-knit community within our county, you tend to know everyone around you and you find a mutual respect among others. The diversity and culture of the area is what I mostly find fascinating about our school district a there is a mix of Native American and Hispanic culture.
it was good i good I liked the experience there was many great teachers there. They where all for the most part nice and willing too help.
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I have been in Grants-Cibola County Schools for my entire scholastic career and the facilities and resources I would say lack but are good enough for students to use. The administrators however are poor, the high school principal is trying to condemn all school culture which was allowed and even advocated by the old high school principal. Also one of the current elementary school principals did nothing when students sold Marijuana on the premises! Grants-Cibola County Schools are good but the administration and resources are honestly the only things that bring down it’s overall rating and these characteristics affect other subjects because of how poor they are.
Grants High School is an average every-day High school. Not many students get as much opportunities as they should at this school although. The sports programs are not as encouraged as possible, many teachers do not care about students learning, and such a small town environment does not provide for to become as widely known and sought out for. Even though there are those downfalls, GHS does as best it can with what it has. Little funding does not help the students in extracurricular activities or in potential college activities. Some teachers are willing to help students both through paying themselves to provide information or even going out of their way to help students with applications or homework. Overall, GHS is a community high school that does as well as it can with what it has.
The school is good, teachers are good, but admin is not great. I enjoyed going to this school. It was a small school so everybody knew everybody and that was nice, like a close nit family.
The teachers in this school district are mostly knowledgeable and actually teach, but there are some teachers that do not. This school district is lazy, though. We are not allowed to utilize technology and resources that will benefit us, as students, in high school and college. The schools themselves are not clean, especially the hallways. The janitors "spot clean" which does not get the job done. The faculty, meaning teachers, teaching assistants, and people like that mostly do their jobs but administration and such do not. They are lazy and it seems that they want students to fail and make teachers miserable.
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