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There are things in this district that could really use improvement. It is a nice school district, but when we transferred here, we were thinking of before even here 1 school year.
I loved it while I was there. Overall, great people. Just the small town atmosphere. I was able to dual enrollment (community college classes) which helped me significantly during college. Also, I believe Grant’s college advisors did an excellent job and do what they need to do to get you to a school you’ll love.
There is no school spirit, and as much as they think they've prepared their students for college, they don't. I look back on my high school years and I don't find what I've learned usable for higher education.
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I graduated from Grant High School a couple years ago. I went to Grant from kindergarten through senior year. The teachers are fantastic but I was not prepared for a four-year university. The teachers try their best to be inclusive but most of the time, they did choose their favorites. The food is awful in the cafeteria. I never ate it so I always brought a packed lunch. I wish that Grant provided more opportunities to experience diversity. Coming to a four-year university with little diversity was shocking. Also, I was not prepared for the classes that I would be taking. All the way through my k-12 career, I was told my writing was phenomenal. When I was taking an English class at university, I was receiving Cs and Bs because Grant told me I was good, even though I was only good in Grant.
I liked seeing advances in technology. I would like to have seen more variety of classes. more teaching of real life c.ourses
For the most part, I enjoy the environment of Grant Public Schools. It is in a very small town which appeals to me. However, I wish that the administration would take it's students more seriously when we bring up problems such as bullying. I know of accounts where nothing has been done. To end on a good note, there is nothing else that I don't like about it.
The teacher are all helpful. They want you to succeed. It is a small school, but that is ok with me. The lunch food is not good. The school is kept relatively clean. Overall I good place to go.
Grant High School has taught me so much and in many easy ways. I have learned to communicate with my staff and peers and to also ask questions when I nees to.
The teachers are wonderful and my daughter has made great strides since she has been in the Primary Center. They do have a dual language program for English and Spanish but we could not get into it because it was full. Other than that, no complaints. I also have to say having such a low grade as I have seen here for diversity is ridiculous. How can a school with a dual language program and approximately 40% Latino students only rate a C+ for diversity???
Grant is a great place to learn because of the small community. You will know everyone in your graduating class and you will have had them in your class probably on one or more occasion.
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