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The teachers are amazing, other than the rare bad egg. The Sam thing can not be said about the kids. They are rude and nasty other than the rare good egg. There are numerous path ways to prepare the student for college education or going into the work force. There are clubs for every type of person and many include public service.
There was a lot of prejudice not just from the students but from teachers as well. Favoritism was a real obstacle to get by if you needed any extra help from certain teachers. They don't care about the arts programs. Guidance counselors weren't worth anything when it came to actually helping you do something (like apply to/pick colleges). And they have a nasty habit of letting underachieving students slide through and graduate anyway and that's not good for anyone. They barely meet any of the expectations I will have for the schools my children will attend.
Grant County Schools are located in a rural southern area. Diversity is very low with the majority of white students. Many teachers are very kind and care for their students as well as their curriculum but as with most schools there are a substantial amount who couldn't care less about any of that and the academic performance of the student body reflects upon that.
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I liked how they offered several different classes and the teachers were really nice. I just wish there was more services for tutoring.
I enjoyed my time in Grant County, and their high school career and technical school program is phenomenal. All of the necessary components to succeed are readily available to all students. Staff is friendly and caring, work well with students as well as each other. Low diversity but that's due to general location. Overall a great experience and I would recommend to anybody who aspires to pursue a long term career after high school.
I have spent the last four years at grant county high school and I feel the teachers and staff are doing everything in their power to create a wholesome and enriching environment for the students.
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