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Granite School District has been very beneficial for my learning. They provide teachers and materials that help their students excel.
I love this district. It is full of creative teachers who make learning fun and enjoyable. I would like to see teachers using more effective learning styles.
I like how the Granite District is caring and always looks after its staff and students. I love how the District gives out many opportunities to their students.
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I liked the schools, but i did not feel like the district was very involved at all with students or faculty.
staff to be more polite, and get more involved. Also I would like for them to stop charging us for every little thing. I know they charge us because, they think that would motivate us to do better in school. But I don't agree with that. There are different ways for motivation. Ways that don't require us to empty our pockets.
What I liked about Granite School District is that they have helped me find what I want to do in the future. They have given me a lot of options and they don't rush me to figure out what I want to do.
I liked the amount of effort the teachers put in to teach the students. Overall it is a good school. I however did not like how crowded it was.
Granite School District is a very well organized district that cares for each student individually. Each teacher is also observed very carefully by members of the district to ensure that students are able to learn all subjects efficiently and effectively.
Great School! Terri Roylance is the best principle and unifies the students and administration making Cottonwood, in my opinion one of the best schools in Utah. Awesome teachers that really care about you and your success.
I've been in the Granite district ever since I can remember, and it has always been such a good district.
Granite School district has many opportunities to explore various fields of interest during high school with their GTI program. One thing I don't love about the district is that it seems that with every program I am involved with, we have to jump through a million loop holes to make things run smoothly.
I enjoy the majority of the teachers and the opportunities that have been given to me. I have only had one teacher that bullied me all of third grade who bullied me and made me cry every day until the point where I had to go on antidepressant medication.
over crowded, my student was falling behind, teachers never notified me that there was a problem until the failing grades came out
I like how there are varieties of schools so if one school doesn’t have a certain subject another school will most likely have it. And also the schools have the same subjects most he time so if you transfer you are more likely to be able to take the same classes.
Granger is a place where anyone can just come in and have a life experience, the environment and Resources provided by the school is amazing..but Things like launch me ues should’ve been better..As my point of view too much junk.
Id like to see more improvement within the Avid department. For the most part it is a program that has a good motto however Granite has to step it up with the program and work on helping kids. With preparing them for college readiness.
It is a good district, although they should improve certain schools that may need a little more help than others. For example, replace certain teachers that aren't really teaching in their class rooms. Have students score higher on test, have resources available and let students be aware of those resources. Other than that it is a good school district.
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Some teachers that worked for the Granite School District have made a huge impact on my life in a good way. They didn't only teach me educational stuff but they also taught me life lessons. I believe that the curriculum could be changed, and getting more resources would be nice.
When my daughter started at Granite Connections about 6 months ago she didn't have any credits. She decided to take the GER test since she matched the criteria. So now she passed and she wants to wait till next year to walk with her class. She did all this while being homeless. My father (her Grandpa) died last April and then in October my Son's Dad died and in April my first husband died. We all became depressed but Isaura managed to accomplish one of her biggest goals in life. Graduating!!
My experience with the Granite School District was very exceptional because I was able to see what high school should really be, fun and meaningful. Not just your average school where you only get taught the materials, you actually have a relationship with your teachers and faculty that brings everyone together. We are a very diverse School District when it comes to the students. Everyone gets to learn something new every day that most people would not get to do and I am very appreciative of that.
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