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Granite City Community Unit School District No. 9 Reviews

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I love the community as a whole. There's a lot of opportunities for anyone who is willing to put themselves out there and work. It's a very diverse campus. There's a club or organization for just about anybody. We have a fantastic band, theater, and Speech & Debate program.
Excellent high school to prepare for college while still having fun! Teachers and student alike rally behind one another. The atmosphere there was all about school spirit.
Granite City High School is a school near to my heart. We don't have best equipment compared to other schools in our area, but our school is definitely one of the most spirited and fun. Our school was voted best student section in the South Western Conference and our sports team does pretty well. We also have great academic resources. The teachers at the school are all incredibly nice and are always ready and willing to help. We also have after school tutoring every Monday and Wednesday with teachers for any student who may be struggling in a subject. The school also prides itself on safety with the recent increase in school shootings our school has taken initiative of guarding doors and keeping us safe. Over all I highly recommend GCHS.
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I would like to see more racial diversity among the staff at the Granite City High School. My son, Dylan, is a member of this amazing group. They talk to other local high school kids in the metro St. Louis area. These kids, of different backgrounds, come together and voice their concerns. I have been told that kids feel more talking to staff when they look like them, talk like them, or sound like them because they are more relatable.
I like the teachers and the classes that are offered. The students seem to not want to do anything and just have no respect for anyone that has authority over them.
I like how everyone is friendly and there’s always a smiling face coming down the hallways. The administratives are always greeting us and telling us to have an amazing day. I love the environment around the school. It’s uplifting and encouragement throughout the entire school. Whether it’s a school sport, homework, or even pushing yourself to get up to go to school. You name it and Granite City has it all covered. The teachers may give out a lot of homework, but it’s preparing me for college. I’m always so stressed from all this work, but I realized this is preparing me for college and I can get through it. Also, I love how my school has peer tutors, which are students who help other students that are struggling with their specific class. It is very helpful because they are making sure everyone is passing and understanding their work.
I was at the granite city school district for 10 years and I can say that the teachers were very interested in the students lives. They will help you with all of your questions and even go the extra mile by talking to you before/after class. I wouldn't change many things about the district but what I would change, if i had to, would be the facilities. The bathrooms aren't up to par but besides that, it is a great district.
I love the opportunity to work with different people and to learn more about different types of cultures. What I would love see change is how the teacher work on the students and how students work with each other.
We need better teachers and better principles and the only thing that were good at is soccer and volleyball. Everyone there are rude and bullies and don't know how to treat one another
Granite City High School is a good school for a education. It offers you the chance to graduate early and it is not just for the honor students, it is for anyone that has all of their credits and taken the requirements so that is something I loved about it. Everyone is nice and comforting , some students aren't but overall , they are.
The schools were decent, but it's definitely harder for people who are introverted, shy, etc. to get the opportunities as others.
Overall, the school district is mostly average. I would rate it a 3.5 if half ratings were allowed. There are areas that the school can improve. Restrooms are subpar; they need updating/remodeling; some are vandalized. The food options are not always the best; I'm not sure anything could be done to improve them.
Although I believe the school had my best interest in mind, I do not believe that I was prepared for college at all. They went too easy on students and did not prepare me for how much change happens when you enter college level courses. I feel like I am inferior to my classmates because they came better prepared.
Granite City High School is a wonderful school. The staff and teachers are very nice and understanding, helping anyone with problems. I had a hard time reading and had grammar problems. My English teachers help me everyday, telling what I did right and what I did wrong. They assigned books for me to read, to surpass my limits, to make me a better reading and also a better writer.
The experience at this school was great. It Was some bad days and Plenty of fun ones. Especially beginning of the year with the pep rally and homecoming. It helps to start here as a freshman cause you make a lot of friends. They only thing I would suggest they change is having more college field trips for everybody to go on.
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